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Lesson Learned


Before I get into this post I want to say thank you.  Ya’ll just don’t know how much your thoughts, prayers, and stories have helped me. I can’t say it enough, thank you all!

Ok, onward and upward!

When my husband and I were first married we lived in a teeny tiny apartment.  It couldn’t hold much furniture but the few pieces we did have were hand me downs from various family members. We lived there for a year and then moved into a rent house that was a little bit bigger so, we inherited a few more second hand items.  We always felt like we weren’t really fully functioning adults until we had bought brand new furniture.  I hope you read that in Bob Barker’s voice, cuz that’s how I hear it in my head.  Anyway, a couple of years ago a local furniture store was having a sale and if you qualified you could get 0% financing for a few years. We decided that it would be a good time for us to replace some of the hand me downs that were junkin’ up our house (not really but, we thought newer must be better!).  We had the money in savings but thought it was a great idea to finance the purchase since there would not be any interest. Soooooo, that’s what we did.  We bought new bedroom furniture for the master which consists of a bed, night stands, and a dresser.  We also purchased two new couches and three end tables for our living room. This all added up to about $7,200.

Now, you may be thinking that the point of this post is that financing the furniture was a bad move.  While that is true, my main reason for posting is that the quality of the furniture we acquired more debt for is far inferior to the old furniture we’d been given.


This picture isn’t great, but you can see how the edge of the drawer is kind of splintering.  I’m not sure how else to describe it. The really aggravating part is that we don’t really use the dresser that often.  Most of our clothes that we wear on a daily basis are in our closet. I will never ever buy new furniture again. Did ya’ll know new furniture functions the same as the old stuff?  You sit on it, lay on it, and put stuff in it whether it’s new or not. I’ve learned my lesson.  From now on I will only buy (or maybe find) reused, 100% wood furniture and I can refinish it my dang self if I don’t like how it looks.

So what do ya’ll think?  Anyone ever buy new furniture that they felt was worth the money spent?

Striking Out on Your Own


Several years ago, I wrote an article on my personal blog about Striking Out on Your Own. I was forced to start my own business because of my priority in staying home with my children.  I have absolutely no regrets about that decision. BUT…

My natural tendency is not be the #1 when it comes to business, I am much more comfortable as a #2.  I tried explaining this to my twins as they start feeling out what they may want to do with their lives.  It came out a little bit like this…typically, the head of a company is the visionary, has great ideas, is great with networking and people and can influence people.  That’s not how I see myself.  I see myself at the support staff…you give me the idea and I can make it happen.  I am smart, determined and know how to find good resources. I am really not good at social situations and my visionary abilities stop at planning a great vacation.

So with that being said, as I am Exploring Making more Money, I have been looking for ways to streamline what I do so that I can do more.  My business is just me, no subcontractors, no staff, just me.  I do all the work: the marketing, the management, the sales, the customer service, the administration and the actual technical work.  I have been focusing on tracking my work and free time to see if there is anywhere that would be the most economical items to contract out to free me up some.

I know I then have to weigh the benefits and cost of subcontracting versus doing it myself, but this is where my mind is heading right now.  So my question is for you entrepreneurs out there, what tasks have you found to be most effective and efficient to contract out versus doing it yourself?