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My “Money Test” Results


MFF over at www.mymoneyforest.com developed a short test to determine your knowledge about money.

I love these things, so I had to participate and here are my results:

Financially Smart
You scored 90 on the MyMoneyForest.com Financial IQ test!
Congratulations, you are financially intelligent! There is a very good chance that you will invest responsibly and be able to retire! No fixed income for you during retirement! You will likely be able to pay for your children’s college tuition, own a nice home, and be debt free! Keep up the good work! To learn more about personal finances go to: mymoneyforest.com

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 75% on Financial IQ

Link: The Money Test written by mtman77 on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test
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My Son is Already Obscessed with Money


My son seems to have an attachment issue with money and he is only 4. I’ve mentioned him once before here.

He’s been obscessed lately finding spare change around the house and raided my computer desk. He found a dime and a penny and claimed it as his money.

He received a gift in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa. It was a wallet complete with ten $1 bills. He was overjoyed after seeing the money and quickly was bragging that he had “more money.”

I told him while he was sleeping, I was going to take my money back.

He said he was going to sleep with his new wallet.

It’s already begun – the money obscession πŸ™‚

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The Second Collection Call in my Life


Even with my debt level and my lack of income, I’ve managed to hoard off the collection calls and pay most of my bills on time (with the exception of a few that I have had to strategically pay late – but not late enough to warrant a call).

My very first collection call was about 9 years ago when I was college. It turned out that a few bills from when my wisdom teeth were pulled were unpaid by my parents (I was 17 at the time). My name was on the account, and they finally found me. Luckily, I had some money at the time and I cut a check right then and there and took care of them.

But today, I received my second call – and I can’t believe it. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: Hello.

Them: Hello, this is (can’t remember her name) from AT&T Accounts Receivable and I am calling because you have an unpaid balance of $110 (and some change) on your account.

Me: I do? (because I keep current with the phone bill)

Them: Yes, you do. Would you like to pay that over the phone today with a check?

Me: Hold on, and let me check my records real quick because that does not sound right. (I was just working in Quickenso I pulled up the information on my last payment).

Me: That has to be two months.


Me:That must be two months, right? (now I’m wondering if this is a scam and someone wanting my banking info)

Them: *Silence*

Me: Right??

Them:Oh, I’m sorry mam. What did you say?

Me:That must be two months that you are talking about, right?

Them: Yes, that is for the payment due on March 24 and for the payment due that you have not received the bill for yet.

Me: Well, I’m not concerned about the amount I haven’t received a bill for yet (man, was I so peeved that she was trying to get me to pay for a bill I haven’t even received yet!!)

Them: Would you like to pay the past due amount over the phone right now?

Me: No, because I mailed the check on March 25. (I lower my head because I did forget to mail the darn check before the due date on this one)

Them: Okay mam, I will note that in our records that your payment was mailed on March 25 and your service will not be shut off.

Me: Okay.

Them: Thank you for choosing AT&T. Have a nice day.

Me: You too.


My payment was 7 days late!!! And that warrants a telephone call on a Saturday nonetheless? What ever happened to past due notices? And trying to sneak in getting me to pay for the bill I haven’t received yet???

I’m not sure what to think on this one.

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March Credit Card Debt $37,039.99


I’m on the ball this month LOL!

Here’s my credit card debt for March

As you can see, Credit Card #3 has a HUGE credit. I was supposed to transfer from Credit Card #1 to Credit Card #2 but I transferred the wrong balance.

As soon as I get the refund, it is going towards Credit Card #2. And that’s where my tax refund is going as well.

Once those two refunds are applied – then the fun part comes with my “Master Plan” which I will explain later.

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A Change for Blogging Away Debt


After thinking about this for a while, I’ve decided to focus on one aspect of my debt – CREDIT CARDS!!

I will still mention information about other types of debt that I feel are great to share – but for the actual reporting of my debt I will stick to credit cards. I’ve noticed that the monthly changes to my mortage and school loan debt is very minimal. In fact, my mortgage only reduced by about $20 a month.

I’ve set up my Quicken program to give a report on just my credit cards. I will say it over and over again how much I love Quicken!

I have to thank Seattle Simplicity for giving me the suggestion of including the interest rates on my credit cards. So those are now included on my reports as well πŸ™‚

I guess this is a good way for this blog to go because it seems like I’ve only been talking about my credit card debt. After all, it is costing me the most and it is the debt I would most like to see disappear.

Oh, and a March report will be posted shortly πŸ˜‰

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2 Weeks to Get My Overpayment


Remember how I made a boo-boo and did a balance transer to the wrong credit card? Well, I tried to get a refund of that overpayment and it will take approximately 2 weeks to “verify” the payment and issue a refund. I’m not sure what they need to verify because it was an electronic funds transfer. But, my guess is that they just want to keep my money a little longer.

Boy, is my debt snapshot going to look funny for 3/31/06 – LOL!

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A Reward for all of my Overtime Lately


I’ve been working ALOT lately, and finally I was able to do something with my money towards my debt. I was able to pay $1,000 towards my biggest credit card, credit card #2. It felt so good to complete the transaction.

Unfortunately, I will only be paying off part of the remaining $1200 from a previous balance transfer where the rate was 1.99%. So, I haven’t hit the big chunk subject to 16.9% sitting on that card.

Once I get my tax return completed and receive my refund, I decided that it ALL is going towards credit card #2. I like to refer to that card as the beast that needs to be tamed. And, I have a plan – which I will explain further at a later date when I have more time.

Right now I better get to work.

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