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Exposure to COVID


While we were in Texas, two of my five children were called and told they had been exposed to COVID. Now that was my worst nightmare, especially since we were already taking a calculated risk to visit my parents. While my of the kids took it in stride, the other had a complete meltdown.

The same goes for my siblings that were around during our visit (3 of my 4 siblings came to my parents while we were there.) My sister took it in stride and continued to see us the remainder of our time there while my brothers both disappeared completely. I’m not judging just explaining the differing reactions.

Thankfully we are now well past the 2 week window and neither of my children has shown any symptoms. (Yes, I know they could still be positive and asymptomatic.) But back in Texas, one of my brothers has tested positive. Thankfully, his case seems to be very mild and he hasn’t been bed-ridden, etc. at all.

Social distancing and enjoying time together. My sister, mom, me and my two daughters hanging at the neighborhood pool in Texas. We tried very hard to maintain social distance, masked in public places and still have a great time together. My mom has Parkinsons so we do have to help her move around, but we took as many precautions as possible.

While I can’t rule out that we brought the exposure with us, I also know that we might not have. He owns several bars in town and they were open and operational until the week we arrived. And he was definitely to exposed to multiple people with COVID.

Thankfully, neither of my parents is exhibiting any symptoms and while I offered to spend our final days in Texas in a hotel or AirBnB, they refused.

Continuing to Prepare

I firmly believe that three of us have already had COVID, back in February. History Buff and I are going to give blood and get tested for anti-bodies this weekend.

As the numbers spike and the worry about schools grows, I continue to prepare for another quarantine period. I am buying a little extra food each week. I am freezing a few gallons of milk. And I plan to make one more Sams Club run in the next couple of weeks to buy a bit more meat. (I’ve gone twice over the last month and meat has been scarce or limited.)


Running Away Part 2!


I asked my boss if I could leave the state. ‘Begged’ would be a more appropriate term. The reality is, I don’t need to be in California to work remotely. I can work from South Dakota as easily as I can work from California.

He caved.

I’m leaving.

No, not permanently. We are leaving for a month… or two depending on how it goes. I haven’t made a decision on San Antonio but I made the decision that it’s time to get out of Dodge! We are headed to South Dakota – the ultimate masters of social distancing. I can’t handle my excitement.

We are using the money we had been saving for a trip in the Fall. We thought we’d need it in the Spring so I was reluctant to touch it but the more the pandemic heats up, the more we realize a Spring trip isn’t in the cards either. We are holding off on our family vacation until next Fall which means…our budget is good to go to South Dakota!!

I’m ready for wide open spaces!

I’m a planner. I don’t take last minute trips… EVER. I don’t go anywhere without a daily, hour by hour plan but we are literally hopping in the truck and leaving. Tomorrow. I’m panicked I’ll forget something vitally important. That I’ll make a huge, life altering mistake (because those happen all the time?!?!) but if the pandemic has taught me one thing, it’s that things aren’t normal. We are using muscles we haven’t used before. Things are weird.

We’ve got to learn to roll with weird these days.

We are headed to South Dakota then over to Montana. They maybe to Washington? Oregon? We aren’t going to the national parks. We aren’t going to the big cities. We’re camping in the middle of nowhere. We found a sweet rancher who is letting us rent a little corner of his land. The kids will be in heaven. I will be breathing deeply.

Things will go wrong. The truck might break down. Things WILL break on our trailer. But we are made of stronger stuff these days. We’ll rebound. We’ll grow.

Hello South Dakota. See you soon.

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