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Decision delayed…


And this is why you never ever count your chickens before they are hatched…and I am very glad I didn’t do so in this situation!  Oh it would have been nice to have extra money to dump into debt, but I was not “counting” on it!  The big boss announced today that a decision has been delayed until the summer.  While I certainly have some irritation about that announcement, given the stressful situation it creates b/w co-workers and individually for me, I am also happy to have SOME news.  I always do better when I have information even if that information is “no new information.” 

I am going to set aside time this weekend to call credit cards and start playing hard ball!  My payment history is excellent and I need to use that to my advantage.  My interest rates increased b/c I was running so close to the limits on so many.  While I don’t have any credit cards with Capital One (is that the bank that someone said will not budge?) I do have an account with Bank of America.  I read on one of the posts when Beks was still writing something about that emotional energy that certain cards can create in us…the cards we love to hate.  Yep.  That would be BofA for me.  

I’m looking forward to this weekend.  It is springtime in Texas friends and that means we have about 2.5 weeks of enjoyable weather.  I’m not kidding.  By mid April…the heat is on and then, of course, by July…hell is on.  I am already reminding myself not to make every post something to do about the unbearable heat come May b/c that will get annoying fast.  Last year was horrendous.  I believe it was near 60 days with 100+ degree days.  Air conditioning can’t keep up–residential or commercial.  I dread it.  We are doing a few things now to try to knock the utility bill down but with a very, very mild winter and temps already in the 80’s…we have an uphill battle indeed!


I’d rather buy #%*#&…


Bank of America called this morning. I ran to answer the phone when I saw their number pop up on the caller ID. For some crazy reason, I thought maybe they’d magically approved us for the making homes affordable program.


Apparently motherhood makes you totally delusional.

Debra Poindexter (yup, that’s what she said her name was), called to sell me a B of A insurance policy for my home appliances. Sure, she didn’t have a huge chance considering all the appliances in my home are about 20 years old, but the fact that she was selling for B of A killed any chance at all.

Midway through her pitch, I interrupted and said, ‘B of A holds my home mortgage. Considering the horrid level of customer service I’ve had for the past 4 years, there’s a better chance of… well… there’s a better chance of pretty much everything happening before I bought a policy from you folks. Don’t take it personally, but you work for a miserable company.’


‘But have a wonderful day. I really wish you personally the best. We won’t go into what I wish for B of A’ I said.

Then she hung up on me.

What?!? I was being nice!