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Retirement Planning Finally


I don’t know if the saying “better late than never” applies at this time. But I’ve taken a teeny tiny baby step toward formal retirement. I opened a ROTH IRA account with Charles Schwab and schedule small bi-monthly cash deposits from my every day checking account. (My primary focus is still on debt payoff so this will start off small.)

I think I can start investing with any amount, but I can’t take advantage of their financial plan tool until I have $5,000 ready to invest. So for now, I’m going to begin to do some reading and do some manual investing with a small amount of cash while I build up the account. I know I have asked it before, but any free resources for learning to invest would be great. And by learning…I mean, very, very basics.

How Aggressive Can I Be?

I know it’s not a lot, but it is something. I figure I have at least 20 years until retirement so I will need to be pretty aggressive with my savings and balance that with how risky I’m willing to be with my investments at least here to start. From what I understand, I have about 10 years to be pretty intense and risky before I’ll need to be more moderated in the chances I take.

Do you know of any blogs of people who started planning for retirement late in life? I am going to need all the tips and tricks I can gather.

(At the same time I am doing this, I have also looking at opening ROTH IRA accounts for Gymnast and Princess. I need to be a bit more knowledgeable about how they work first.)



Time for the Twins to Fly


The time is here and we couldn’t be more excited…the twins are moving out. Sea Cadet found an apartment in the newspaper, called about it, we went to visit and the twins discussed.

Now their application is approved. And we will finalize a move in date today. We are looking at a day next week assuming it’s okay with the landlord and they can get utilities set up. (Specifically, internet, History Buff will not move without it being set up.)

They are excited.

The littles (well, they aren’t so little anymore, but it’s still how I think of them) are excited.

I am excited.

All for different reasons…but lots of excitement around here.

The twins cooking one of their late night meals.

No Spend September No More

But that does mean, I through No Spend September out the window…hear me out.

  • As previously agreed to (and I believe written here,) I gave them both their September rent back to put towards their move. There’s $500 I spent.
  • I also helped them by paying the $50 application fee and $100 of their $500 deposit. Another $150.
  • And then, I spent about $220 on some of the “needs” for their new place…
    • I bought them a vacuum because their new place is all carpet. (We don’t have any carpet in our house, thus no vacuum; otherwise, I would have suggested sharing as I doubt they will vacuum often.)
    • I bought them a basic set of pots and pans. (I have absolutely no extras since we are pretty minimalist.)
    • I bought the basic pantry type items to stock their kitchen.

I am certain I will help them out a bit more before the move is complete.

Gone but Not Too Far

Their new apartment is about as old as our house, the rent is the same as our house and it’s probably almost the same square footage wise. It’s also just 2 miles from the house.

They have a laundry room, but no washer or dryer. For the time being they will continue to wash clothes at home. And they have also told me that they will be stocking their toilet paper from my house as well…

My dad says I am going to see them every day for a while because with all the new financial responsibilities, they are going to be broke until they learn to budget accordingly. As a result, I am not lowering my food budget just yet.

I am excited for them. But I’m also excited for me. I will have a true living room again. And maybe I can move my office out of my bedroom. We will be able to park in our driveway without having to rearrange cars every time someone has to leave. And this is a great way for the twins to launch into the next phase of adulthood!


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