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Continuing On… and On… and On with B of A…


For some crazy, nonsensical reason, I’m still working with Bank of America on my loan modification. I swear, it’s like I’m in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with them and I keep hoping there is a smidge of love somewhere, meanwhile, he’s out dating more fiscally attractive ladies and has completely forgotten about me.

I mailed the ‘Oops we’re sorry, you actually do qualify for the program and we lied to you for ten months’ paperwork they requested back in September. You may have to sit down for this shocking bit of information…

They haven’t replied.

I called them this afternoon. After five transfers, I was finally connected to the ‘Status Queue Home Retention’ line. He said, ‘It’s been more than 60 days. I’m not sure why you haven’t been assigned a staff member yet.’

I wanted to ask, ‘Maybe it’s because I haven’t called before now and you guys never get moving until someone complains?’

He ‘forwarded my application to his supervisor’ (if you believe that, I’ve got ocean front property in Arizona to sell you) and asked me to call back in a few weeks for another status update.

Funny, this is exactly the same process I went through last October. I’ll hold on until January and then make an attempt to try out the HARP program recommended by a kind reader.

Isn’t the definition of insanity – someone who repeatedly does the same thing and expects a different result?

And we’re off!!


Just a quickie post before we leave. My family and I are off to Ireland and Italy this morning. Our plane leaves in a few hours and I’m giddy with excitement.

My husband and I are trying to adjust our sleeping habits as best we can so I’m up at 3am making cinnamon rolls while squeezing in sets of jumping jacks to keep me awake. We’ll see if this works out.

I can’t tell you how WEIRD it is to not pack my trusty Bank of America credit card (long since shredded) to accompany me! We are funding this trip totally by CASH. When I come home, I won’t be dreading seeing my mailman! Yay!

So what are the final numbers for the trip?

Two and a half weeks, two countries, two multi-day tours, airfare, and hotel came out to…$1,800 per person. It’s not my best work but the darn open jaw airfare messed up the budget!

I will try my best to post along the way, my brother is taking his iPad, but don’t rely on it. I’ve scheduled posts to appear while I’m gone but if something terrible happens – like a nuclear war, a catastrophic natural disaster, or they renew America’s Got Talent for another season – and I’m posting about making cookies and eating bon bons, give me until I get home to respond.

See you at the end of October!