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Skip-A-Month from the Credit Union


Once or twice a year our credit union will pre-approve us to skip the monthly payments on all of our loans.  They offered it for July and after discussion and some math–we took them up on it.  The interest rates on all three loans with the credit union are significantly less than our other debt.  (2.9% on both vehicles, 11.9% on the signature loan).  We were able to send a larger payment to Bank of America (the lender I hate more and more every day) today ($1200 instead of $580), pay extra to the smallest balance card ($100 instead of $50) and free up some cash for the inevitable vacation spending (so that we didn’t incur more debt while on the trip).

This time I write to inform…not seek opinions to act.  However, I always welcome feedback (the good, the bad and the ugly) on this financial decision.  I’m here to read these this time and won’t be replying due to current time constraints.  Did I mention I had work travel this week?  Overnight Wednesday to late last night.  I’m a walking zombie at the moment.  Note to self:  mark myself “unavailable for travel” the week after vacation! Bring on the weekend!

New Numbers!


Well, we are under $90,000!  Not by much but that’s okay…I am feeling pretty good about the near $5,000 paid down in debt in June.  It wasn’t easy but so worth it!  I was determined to get below the $90K–that was my goal.  It meant cutting corners even moreso with spending but it is done!  It also meant not putting an extra hundred in the emergency fund but I really needed the morale boost so that’s the route chosen.

You’ll notice that my Dad is paid…that annoying small credit card is done and then a huge near $2,000 credit card balance at 15.9% interest is totally wiped out!  Our next focus will be the dreadful Bank of America card with $23,278 on it.   That hag BOA will be getting an absurd amount of money from us each month but only for a time certain so that’s the bright side.

It’s 11 pm here right now and I have to wake up for a 6:30 am flight to Denver.  Let the paid for vacation begin!  🙂