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Wishing Everyone a Happy and Safe 4th


We slept in a little bit this morning and headed out to watch a local parade. It was a small town parade and smiles were abundant. My son loved all the candy, and my husband liked helping my son find every last piece. As for me, parades always make me happy. Not exactly sure why…but they do.

Unfortunately, we will not be watching fireworks this year. We try to go to one of the best displays in the state every year, but my husband has to work tonight. A bummer, but we have a few sparklers from last year that my son and I will go out and have some fun with. I look forward to the day that my husband and I both work regular business hours and get all holidays off together.

That’s another one of my motivators to pay down debt 🙂

Happy 4th Everyone!

Oh Great, Another Addictive Site


Leave it to a woman’s anti-perspirant (Secret) to put up a site that I’ll probably be checking out for a while. It’s all about revealing your secrets (anonymously on the website, of course) for anyone in cyberspace to read.

Most are about love and relationships, but here’s a few that are personal finance related:

This one doesn’t surprise me at all, it’s about a CEO that doesn’t like her job http://www.secret.com/share/secrets.asp?id=6.

I have done this one in the past. I’ve since learned that when I am just being me I am acting more like a millionaire than I previously realized http://www.secret.com/share/secrets.asp?id=15.

This one I know too well http://www.secret.com/share/secrets.asp?id=581.

I haven’t posted a secret yet, but I will soon. I think it is cleansing to get secrets and I have a few that I would like to anonymously declare. And part of me says…why not do it to just do it and live a little dangerously 😉