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My Debt Started With A Candy Bar!


As a freshman in college, there was a table set up in one of the common areas of campus. Sitting at the table were the largest and yummiest looking candy bars displayed ever so nicely. Now, to a hungry freshman right before an hour long lecture in Chemistry – those candy bars looked awefully good.

They weren’t selling them though, – in order to get one you had to sign up for a credit card. Hmmm…get a credit card and get a candy bar? Seemed like a good idea. I signed up, got my king size Milky Way, and off to Chemistry I went.

A few weeks later I got something in the mail. I even forgot about signing up for the credit card. I open it up and I now have $500 that I didn’t have two weeks earlier. I looked at the card, put it in my wallet and realized that I now had alot of money that I could spend.

What a naive freshman I was. Naive about credit cards that is.

And that is the story of how my debt got started with a candy bar.

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  • Patrick |

    Wow… The popular thing to offer at our college was t-shirts. Most of the time I would rather have a t-shirt, but I was really hungry… 🙂