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An Ode to Pfblogs.org


I may not be the best poet in the world, but I have something to say and I thought I would try some poetry…

An Ode to Pfblogs.org

You carry my blog’s feed,
update it all the time.
You do it all without receiving revenue from ads,
With pf bloggers’ best interests in mind.

Continually evolving,
making improvements time after time.
And while I am a friend of yours,
You are also definitely a friend of mine.

Thank you for all that you do and all of the updates made recently. I am lost without my daily dose of pfblogs.org. 🙂

He Made His First Million at 14


ABC’s 20/20 had a very inspirational story tonight about a young man named Farrah Gray.

Living in the projects of Chicago, he began contributing financially to his household at the age of 6. He took something that was essentially free to him (rocks on the street), painted them and with hard work and determination went door to door to sell them.

His story definitely didn’t stop there. He kept going and through other ventures he earned his first million at 14.

Stories like Farrah’s remind me of something that I keep in mind whenever life throws us a curveball….

Adversity Brings Innovation

If you are truly comfortable with your life, what is the motivation to think outside the box and improve things? I believe there needs to be some element of adversity to make things happen…to seek out improvement…to make a difference in your life.

That little boy is now 21 years old and while he won’t mention his net worth I am sure he is very comfortable financially. He took the conditions he grew up in and did something with his life. He faced his adversity head on.

“My story, though unique, is not unlike others who began with nothing more than a dream fueled by sheer determination. I believe my story will remind you of the kid in all of us who know no limits and believes anything – and everything – is possible.”Farrah Gray

What a wonderful source of inspiration.