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Good News and Bad News from My Mechanic


I guess I’ll start off with the good news…

My mechanic removed the oil pump screen and it was full of gunk. He soaked it and cleaned it so it was almost like brand new. I’m glad he was able to clean it because a new one would be a special order from his supplier and it would have taken a week to get to him.

Cleaning that screen did the trick. Our car now has a normal oil pressure psi (it was VERY low before) and all is well. Thank goodness! Total cost was a little over $100, but I’ll take that over a total engine replacement anyday.

Now, for the bad news…

My mechanic is moving far away at the end of this month. Part of me feels like going up to him and pleading for him to stay. It is so hard to find a mechanic that you can trust and we had a real gem with him. He would explain things to me so I could understand and he would even take the time to show me things. I am so very sad that he is leaving.

All things considered, I am very happy our car was fixed for relatively low cost. But I will miss my mechanic!


  • Reply Analisa Roche |

    Oh, that is tough. We always use the dealership but I think you are far better off with a trustworthy mechanic. Love your blog!

  • Reply David |

    Before he goes, you should ask him to recommend a trustworthy local mechanic…

  • Reply Jen |

    I agree with David – get a recommendation from him!

    Mechanics are like hairdressers, dentists, and gynecologists/doctors – when you find one that you like and trust, you want to keep them no matter what!

  • Reply MVP |

    Again, yay! Yes, get a referral from him, if possible. If not, start asking around.

  • Reply Beth |

    I agree–it’s awesome to have a great mechanic (I go to the Garage of Dad, and if he can’t fix it, he’s either with me at a regular mechanic, or available by phone!

    Definitely get a recommendation from him (and be willing to be a referral if he needs one).

  • Reply Jim |

    I know good honest people who handle auto repairs are hard to find. This guy sounds rare because he probably did a lot more work than he’s telling you, but only charged to clean out the screen. Maybe you could get him to refer you to someone since he is leaving.

    There was a local mechanic in my home town that would fix my tires when I got a nail or something in them. He didn’t charge much to do it and didn’t try to sell me a brand new tire because a nail was in mine. The guy retired and then I ended up going to a place where they wouldn’t fix the tire they wanted me to buy a new one. I realize tires wear out and if the hole is in the sidewall, a new tire is the only solution. Reliable people are hard to find.

  • Reply Chris |

    Great news about the car. I bet it was nice having that emergency fund to take care of the $100 bill!

  • Reply jim |

    A good mechanic is crucial, it’s the difference between him cleaning that oil pump screen and him just replacing it and sticking you with the bill. We found one in our area and send both our cars to them. BTW, love the new theme!

  • Reply Donna |

    Cars are one of the scariest to deal with when funds are tight. The others being unexpected medical and house repairs. Glad to see you had a reasonable solution this time so now you can relax a little.

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