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Would I Want Today to Be Different?


Darren Rowse at Problogger.net wants to know what we would do differently if we had to start our blogs again.

Honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing. Why? Because I am very happy with the progress I’ve made with my debt reduction and I am very thankful for every visitor I have had and every comment I’ve received. I never thought my credit card debt would be where it is at right now. It may only be one dollar under $30K, but it’s still under $30K 🙂

If you think about it – if I changed one thing about how my blog developed, today would be different. I like the way my blog has progressed. I wish I had a screenshot, but my first template looked somewhat like this except the background was black. Looking back, it was sort of depressing and while I thought it was neat when I first had it, it soon didn’t fit “me.”

Then I went to a dark purple and dark green theme that I designed. Again, no screenshot. But, it was a little better than the first one in terms of a positive attitude. That one was soon replaced by my current theme which I was so glad to be able to reproduce in WordPress (I was on Blogger before).

At the moment I cannot see my theme changing but it probably will. As I learn and evolve, my blog will evolve. I think it’s great that I have this snapshot to look back upon years down the road. I believe that the human mind is complex and interesting as well as very powerful. I look at my blog as a way to understand myself a little more, and I slowly am.

So, I wouldn’t do anything differently 🙂

Who Got Savvy With the Carnival of Personal Finance?


Why, Savvy Saver, of course!

I know…corny joke 🙂

Anyways, even though Blogger ate her first post with the entries for the Carnival of Personal Finance, she managed to put it all together for our reading enjoyment.

I always enjoy the posts that make me think a little, and I found one at Money and Values that asked, Save for Tomorrow or Live for Today?

Right now I am so focused on reducing debt that it scares me sometimes. I worry that with paying so much off and cutting so many corners that maybe we aren’t living for today. That’s where my husband comes in and keeps me in check so I am thankful for that.

But I know when the debt is gone, I want to start saving. If we put into savings what we are now putting into paying our debt – we would have a substantial amount for retirement. But do we want to keep a little bit back so we can live a little now instead of waiting for the future? Then, if you ask that question you need to ask how much you need to live a little now? Is it really the money that helps you live for today?

See what I mean – it makes you think. 🙂