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Savings on the Side


Have you ever participated in a savings challenge? There are all sorts of variations. It’s a gimmick to get people saving.

I have decided that the $1,100 I will receive from my Self Lender account will be my new emergency fund. And that I am going to keep focusing on paying down debt versus going into savings mode again.

But I do want some additional savings…

Save $5s

The first thing I started doing was saving $5s. Have you heard of this one?

The first time I saw it online, the person had a shoe box full of $5 bills just stacked together. It was pretty inspiring.

While I’m not using a shoe box, I do have my change jar. I know it’s gimmicky but this works for me. I am committed to not spending any $5 bills.

As my friend and I were talking the other day, she suggested another option.

52 Week Challenge

Have you heard of the 52 week challenge? There are a number of variations. Essentially, you start at the beginning of the week, and save the number of dollars based on the week of the year.

For week 1, you save $1. For week 2, you save $2…for week 13, you sav3 $13. You get the point.

Well, she suggested doing the challenge backwards so instead of ending the year with needing to save the most money per week, right around the holidays. You start the year saving $52 and go backwards from there. Make sense?

I don’t know if I can commit to this one right now. But if you are interested, I created 52 week savings to keep me on track if I do.

Tell me what your favorite savings challenge is? I’ve got to say they definitely help keep me motivated.

Zaycon Fresh Closes Effective Immediately


Has everyone heard the news about Zaycon Fresh???

They suddenly closed their doors on Monday, posting the following message on their website:

I’ve heard from customers that emails and calls are not being returned, but who knows what will happen in the future.

I was super curious what was going on with this. A previous blogger here at BAD had talked about using Zaycon to save money buying meat in bulk. I’ve looked into it a couple times and have ALMOST pulled the trigger in placing an order. But ultimately, I felt like I could find meat on sale for cheaper than the prices listed on Zaycon’s website and so for that reason I never went through with it.

This was interesting, though, as I have a couple friends who swear by Zaycon and they’ve been noting that their delivery dates have continued to be pushed back again and again in recent months.

In doing some googling, there was very little word about Zaycon’s sudden closure from them. However, I googled “Zaycon lawsuit” and, connecting a few dots, I think I can tell what occurred. I won’t say anything definitive as I don’t know anything for sure. But I can tell from my googling that Zaycon has been involved in litigation with one of their former top executives for awhile. There’s a whole reddit thread dedicated to the drama.

What does it mean for you???

Well, if you didn’t use Zaycon, then nothing! But if you’ve used Zaycon – especially if you still currently have orders placed that have not been fulfilled – you likely won’t be receiving your meat. The best advice seems to be to contact your bank to try to dispute the charges. This is likely the best (and possibly the only) chance at getting any money back from unfulfilled orders.

I hope the readers here didn’t have a lot of money tied up in outstanding Zaycon meat orders!