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A Few Cheap Ideas to Spruce Up the Look of an Old Home


My home was built somewhere around 1905-1915. It’s been kept in decent shape, but it’s an old home. There were some cosmetic problems, especially the 50’s decorating. We did not have a large budget to help bring the house to current times nor did my husband and I have much experience with home decorating. But – just a few things we did made a HUGE difference.

1.) Caulk around the trim in rooms. Even if there is just a little gap between the wall and the trim – it doesn’t look very good especially on lighter-colored walls. Eyes are drawn to the dark areas that the gaps create. Just get some indoor caulk and run it along the trim. The gap disappears and what you have is an instant “fix” to a common problem in older homes.

2.) Paint over wallpaper. The bedrooms upstairs had the worst colored wallpaper. One of the rooms had the brightest and biggest pink flowers you have ever seen. We did try to remove the wallpaper in certain spots – but that was a chore and it wasn’t going to work without breaking into the plaster behind it. So we went and bought some paint and painted over the wallpaper. It may not look the best and the walls do show seams from the wallpaper, but it looks a lot better than it did.

3.) Use floor linoleum tiles on the walls. You can get tiles fairly cheap at department stores in many different designs. We ended up using tiles to cover some very ugly plastic tile under our top kitchen cupboards and it looks great.

The main points – be creative and be resourceful. Fairly inexpensive changes can make a huge difference with your home.

My Favorite Article at the Carnival of Debt Reduction


Gosh I hope this works – I am so frustrated right now with Blogger since I can’t seem to get into my blog when I want to and now I’m having a hard time posting. I think Blogging Away Debt needs a new home.

I didn’t participate in the Carnival of Debt Reduction this week. Last week I have been saving my energy to work my jobs this week and everything else (including this blog) has been put on the back burner.

But I am feeling better this week and I read all of the articles and I enjoyed the one at Free Money Finance about Paying Debt Versus Establishing an Emergency Fund. Free Money Finance shares my opinion and backs it better than I could 🙂

I mentioned a while back that I wasn’t going to save up an emergency fund before paying down my debt. I didn’t see the point of taking months to save it up when I am paying interest on my credit cards during that time. If an emergency arises, then I still have the cards to use if I need to.

Credit cards are not horrible, even though I have called them “evil” more than a few times in my life. They do serve a purpose and can be helpful if you use them responsibly. I hear awesome stories of people making money and earning free trips from their credit cards. They use it for everyday purchases and then pay the balance in full every month. Would I like to be one of those people someday? Yes, I would.

Key word is being responsible.