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Another Place to Look for Help with Prescription Drug Costs


Free Money Finance had a great post on how to save money on Prescription Drugs. But here’s another tip that I learned first hand a few years ago that will help those of you who may make too much money for federal or state help – but don’t make enough money to have your own plan.

Ask your doctor, hospital, etc…about any plans that the DRUG companies have that could help you. Yes, I said the DRUG companies.

I have asthma…well, I’ve been told I have asthma and I didn’t necessarily believe it. The doctor wanted me on a name brand inhaler and I wasn’t about to pay over $100/month just for that drug. He told me to go to a woman within the hospital and talk to her about a program.

So I did. I ended up getting my prescription in the mail for free. The program was directly through the drug company that makes the inhaler. From the sounds of it there may be other programs out there that can help with providing free or reduced cost medicines (name brands).

But the thing is…you have to ask for help to find the paperwork to complete. It was hard looking at my doctor and telling him, “I can’t afford that medicine.” But he couldn’t have offered his help unless I let him know I needed it.

I couldn’t say what the income guidelines are, since the paperwork I filled out didn’t really say. But it may be worth a telephone call to just to ask about it.

Saving Gas and It’s Good for You Too!


When we purchased our first home, we made a big decision. No gas powered mower. I think most of our neighbors give a chuckle when they see us see us mowing our decent-sized yard with our reel mower, but that’s okay.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

1.) My son can mow with his little toy mower basically right next to me. I don’t have to worry about things shooting out at blazingly fast speeds and hurting someone. Also, when I stop, the mower blades stop. I love our mower for the safety aspect of it.

2.) We don’t have to worry about purchasing gas which is really handy right now with the higher gas prices. It’s funny how a decision made almost three years ago is really helping to save money right now.

3.) You get some great exercise. All you have to do is walk the mower around your yard and you get some exercise as well as a nice looking lawn.

4.) It’s quiet! Although not completely silent, it is quiet compared to a gas-powered mower. We can easily mow or lawn during times that would usually be off-limits for a gas-powered mower.

Not only was our mower very nicely priced ($80), it has been an excellent addition to our simple life. If you have never tried one, give it a spin. You just might like it.