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Affiliate Marketing Income


In addition to my personal shopping side business, I have been focusing on growing my affiliate income. When set up properly, affiliate marketing can be passive income.

And while it’s not steady or significant at this point, I have made an extra $100 this past month with it.

I’ve always tried to include Amazon links where relevant in blogs I’ve written. But I have never made any money that way. Recommending service based affiliates has been more lucrative.

In fact, earlier this year or last an online marketer I respect and have followed for years, not only made a large amount during a affiliate marketing campaign, but ended up with a “dream” job out of it. How cool is that?!

affiliate marketing

I have been very transparent with my referrals, letting the person know that if they follow my recommendation I will get a referral fee. And I only recommend services that I personally use and pay for myself…I think when done ethically and transparently this could be a great side hustle.

Have you ever done any affiliate marketing or even participated in referral programs where you benefited either monetarily or maybe even with reduced or free services for yourself?

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Patience Pays Off: Free Couch


For the first time since the move to the camper in April, 2016 we have a living room we can all gather in. Yippee!!

Sometime in the past, I mentioned that one of my savings goals was to get us a couch for our living room. It’s been empty since we moved in April, 2017 except for the bookshelves full of school books and supplies.

This summer my goal was to furnish it from the thrift store. Both Princess and Gymnast and I have visited the local Salvation Army thrift store on numerous occasions to see if there was anything that would work. No luck!

Free Couch, Free Delivery

But last Saturday night, just after Gymnast returned from Texas there was a post on Facebook. “Anyone want a green leather couch, must be delivered tonight.” I jumped on it!

Three hours later a young couple who recently finished college nearby and were moving to California pulled up with their final item in their moving truck and carried it into the house for us. We now have a living room where we can all sit! (Not seen is a recliner my grandmother gave us.)

For the last year, we’ve all spent the abundance of our down time in our own separate rooms with no where to sit other than the kitchen table. But now…we are once again able to sit comfortably together. Love!

It’s definitely well-loved couch. It’s squishy and the leather is faded in many places. But this mama couldn’t be more grateful for the gift.

And finding the kids out in the living room instead of hidden behind their doors, isolated. Well, that’s priceless to me right now!

Princess & Cali enjoying our new couch

Princess and Cali enjoying our new to us couch!

We love thrift shopping. But in smaller towns, you must luck up on quality stuff.

What has been your best, most treasured find at a thrift store? And have you ever been gifted something like this that meant the world to you?