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I Wish Those LCD HDTVs Would Quit Calling My Name


I briefly mentioned how HDTVs are tempting in my Keeping Motivated to Become Debt Free post. I mentioned that back in April and here it is July. They are still so tempting.

It doesn’t help that we didn’t have a very nice time at the movie theater yesterday. Our current TV is a 27″ and it’s about 8 years old. It still works, but the picture quality isn’t the best.

We did take a look at them at Walmart, and there was a 26″ that I practically fell in love with. The picture was so crisp and clear and with the wide screen, it looked beautiful. I hate to admit, I went as far as asking if there were any in stock. It turns out that the display is all they have of that model and they would not be getting any more. All of the other LCDs didn’t have that beautiful picuture. There were a few flat screen TVs that looked nice, but there is no way to fit one of those in our car.

I think for now, I will continue to argue in my mind for and against the purchase. Of course, the biggest “against” is the fact that the money used to pay for the TV would be extra money that was going to go towards debt (I have a big amount slated for this month ~ shooting to get the credit card debt under $30,000). Do I really want to fall behind a month with trying to reach the goal date?

The worst thing is…I don’t understand why I am being lured to them. I am not normally a electronic wow-able person. That’s usually my husband. But why me and why now? One thing I’ve learned is that sometimes when you want something, you could actually be wanting something else. Ahh…the psychology of spending. Hopefully soon I will figure it out.

Movie Theaters – A Waste of Money


My husband and I haven’t been to a movie theater in over 5 years. My son, being 4, has never been to one. That is…until today.

We decided to take our son to the “big screen” to see the Pixar movie, Cars. Since we haven’t been to one in a while, we were unsure what to expect with prices. For the three of us, the matinee tickets cost $14.50. Wow. Then, a large Coke and a medium popcorn was $7.50. Double wow. Total cost of outing, $22.00.

Our particular theater was a disappointment as well. The picture was projected slightly crooked and the sound quality was horrible. I couldn’t believe that with the roar of race cars I couldn’t feel it. I guess for the amount that I paid I was expecting to feel the hairs on my arm rise with the roar of a race car’s engine. I’m sure that’s what Pixar had in mind with the movie, but our movie theater didn’t deliver that experience.

We will happily be renting movies and watching them at home from now on. They sound better and we can be more comforatble. And to think…I know going to the movies costs more in bigger cities. Triple wow.