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Angle grinders: functionality and features



Editors Note: This article is a posting sponsored by UK Planet Tools.   UK Planet Tools is your one stop shopping for all tools in the UK.

Angle grinders are used both at home and in industrial enterprises. The choice of brands of grinders of different models is very wide, therefore it is difficult for a beginner to find a suitable grinder for him. with the help of such a powerful tool, you can cut or grind various materials: concrete, metal, plastic, etc. On the website of the UK Planet Tools online store, there is a wide range of angle grinders with various accessories, sets of functionality, and features.

 Huge variety of products on the site

Many different companies produce Angle grinders today, and they all have their own specific features and characteristics that are inherent in this particular line of grinders of a particular brand. Choosing an angle grinder for yourself, today it is very difficult to make the best choice since you can easily get lost in the variety of the model range of each brand.

UK Planet Tools is the best place to buy angle grinder. It is here that the most advanced models of grinders from the most famous and popular brands are located.

Various grinders are presented that are suitable for different classes of work

  • Low-power models. They consume voltage up to 900 W. This option is suitable for processes that are designed for processing wood or other soft materials: plastic or glass;
  • The average level of this characteristic. Here the power ranges from 900W to 1500W. Such models are slightly higher in cost, while more functional for use in a private house or apartment;
  • Powerful models. Over 1500 W, used by professional companies in the construction sector.

Grinders are distinguished by type depending on the wheel used, that is, small angle grinders, medium, and large.

  • Small angle grinder is the most convenient grinders for work. They have high performance but do not have a long runtime.
  • Medium grinders are grinders with high power and medium revolutions, which are designed to work in construction or in medium-sized industries. If there is a need for cutting durable material, then you should think about such a grinder.
  • Big grinder. Mostly they work in manufacturing or in large-scale construction. Their performance surpasses other types of grinders and can withstand enormous loads.

Each client will be able to choose from the UK Planet Tools catalog both a cheap angle grinder for homework and a device for professional work.

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