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Keeping My Business – Got Help


As you know, I began a traditional full time job this past week. Wow, it’s a big difference. And maybe most of that is in my head. But it definitely feels different to have a daily team I work with, a boss I must report too and not quite as much flexibility on my work hours. This is especially true since the company I am working for is in the financial industry so they really do work “bankers hours.” (Is that still a term?)

I knew it would be a lot to keep up with my existing stable of clients + take on this new work. But the thought of shutting down my now 14 1/2 year old business upset my stomach. I did cut lose a few newer clients as I knew I couldn’t give them what they deserved. And took a hit for it…

I did refund them for all work performed up to this point. But they were rightfully upset.

Keeping My Business Afloat

But I am excited to announce that Sea Cadet has decided to accept my offer to join my business on a part time basis to help me keep up. He will have a lot of learning to do, but it truly is a win-win. He will get to supplement his EMT income, have flexible hours and I will have trusted help without having to sort through a bunch of applicants.

For the first month, he will be a contract worker, 10ish hours per week. We agreed that at least 1/2 of his hours must be money making hours, billable hours and the other 1/2 will be administrative tasks and I will pay for some training time to get him up to speed. By doing it this way, his billable hours are paying for his training hours. I am so thrilled.

One of his tasks this months is to research setting himself up as an employee. I’ve never had an “employee” but have used contractors a lot. We both agree that this could be the start of a really great opportunity for us both.

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Have you hired your child to work with you? Any words of guidance both financial and otherwise?

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