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No More Side Hustles for Now


Over my years here on BAD, I have tried a lot of side hustles. Some have been rewarding financially, some have been utter failures. All in all, I have enjoyed the variety they have brought.

Some of them were:

Homemade Dog Food

Product Reviews

Walmart Reviews & Walking Dogs

Substitute Teaching

But now, I’m exhausted. As mentioned over the last couple of months, work has picked up exponentially. Partly because of businesses evolving due to COVID but a lot of it is the result of increased customer referrals. I am so grateful!

As a result of this increased busy-ness, I have decided not to continue my latest side hustle, as a substitute teacher this coming school year. I had to stop taking assignments when I began care taking for my grandmother earlier this year and then of course, the quarantine began.

The free time I have, I want to spend with Princess and Beauty during their senior year. And possibly with Gymnast if he ends up moving back here.

I don’t anticipate this will greatly affect our financial progress. But it does take a load off as far as scheduling and logistics for getting everyone places.

This certainly doesn’t mean I plan to slow down in paying off my debt. In fact, I’m super excited to post a debt update tomorrow.

But my energy and efforts will all be going to my main income source versus diversifying with side hustles. I continue to take on a variety of clients, both long term and project specific. This gives me a cushion or safety net against what happened a few years ago when I was primarily working for just two clients…

And I’ve got a health EF…I’ve decided to keep my $10K+ EF and grow it slowly. I put a small percentage of my income in it every week. Then I created a second $3K account as kind of front line EF.

All of the other monies I have been stockpiling went toward my student loans this month. And tomorrow I will post my debt update for the month of June.



So, what do you think ?