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Ebay items are selling!


I’m making some sales on ebay for my IRS debt fund!  When I update the numbers later this week I will include separate entries for what I have saved toward the IRS debt and yes…the total amount owed to the IRS.  I don’t want to do it but I know I need to do it.  I’m motivated and I hope to be further motivated by the readers.  I called the IRS earlier this week and must say they are extremely reasonable and easy to deal with–and even if they are faking their sympathy for my situation, I’ll take it!  I’m kidding.  I don’t think they are faking it b/c they can see on their system what I’ve done to right the ship.  Anyway, I got $1700 knocked off due to the extension my ex-husband filed being only linked to his tax return and not mine. Because we filed that extension jointly but then ended up filing taxes separately, I had a late file penalty on my side. Once again it never hurts to ask questions!

Separate quick note…took DD to the orthodontist yesterday.  That’s going to cost $2800 divided by 2 (because her father and I split everything).  That was a slight bummer given my good news on other $ issues, but the orthodontist has no interest great payment options that should result in very manageable monthly payments.  BUT I HATE the idea of yet another monthly payment!  If my kids weren’t dealing with cross bites that if not addressed now could result in surgery down the road, I’d be giving this second thoughts.  It isn’t only a cosmetic issue for them and two dentists that I trust and the orthodontist have confirmed this.  Always looking for a silver lining though I am glad we will be done with orthodontic treatment for each of them by the time they are in 9th grade.  At least we aren’t going to be paying for braces that much closer to college?!  Okay so I’m grasping…work with me!  😉  DS’s second round of braces will start this summer and estimate for his is $3800.  Some of that should be covered by insurance but I asked for worst case scenario from the finance gal at the orthodontist so as to properly prepare.

Have a great Wednesday!


  • Reply adam |

    Claire, I heard a Wall street journal report yesterday about people not reviewing their vital documents regularly enough. They said most survey respondents didn’t have a will or hadn’t updated it, and many people haven’t updated insurance beneficiaries.

    i know your to-do list is long but i thought of you when i heard this. just a reminder that you may need to update the information contained in these documents and policies now that your divorce is final.

  • Reply Chris @ Stumble Forward |

    Ouch Claire. Those are some pretty hefty bills. $2800 for the dentist and another $3800 for braces, wow.

    My son just had tubes put in his ears an it ran us $3500 altogether. I just hope I don’t every have to do that again.

  • Reply judy |

    After you pay you may qualify for a injured spouse or innocent spouse claim if you did not know that your husband had done this!

  • Reply OC Budget |

    How do you get your ebay items to sell??

    I have about 6 items listed on ebay right now and about half of them are brand new with tags. I even pictures from the catalogs of the items to show what it looks like, etc,

    So far, i’ve had to relist them three times now.

    On the other hand, don’t you hate those pesky costs that prop up that are necessary but still annoying to have to add onto the debt payment? I’m going through that right now!

    • Reply emmi |

      On ebay before I list, I do a search for similar items and on the left check off “completed listings” then I find the ones like mine that sold and “borrow” (steal with tweaks) their title and make sure I have the same kind of details in the description.

  • Reply debthaven |

    Anyway, I got $1700 knocked off due to the extension my ex-husband filed being only linked to his tax return and not mine.

    Wow, does that mean your $5000 tax bill has been knocked down to $3300?! If so that is FANTASTIC news!

    Sorry about the dental bill and braces! With four kids, been there, done that LOL (although it is cheaper here in Europe).

  • Reply Janelle C. |

    I feel ya on the braces and teeth. Both of my girls need braces, and its 2nd on the to-do list after our snowball is paid for (which should be just 11 months from now!).

  • Reply Cindy |

    Side note: given your income and tax liability what do you contribute to 401k? Understand I’d you contribute less you pay sig more in taxes. Just interested in hearing your thought process as I’m in a similar income situation.

  • Reply Sarah |

    Braces are so expensive. Our son got his off last fall and then had his wisdom teeth removed two weeks ago. $2800 for four wisdom teeth which included less than 2 hours in the office total between the first appointment, surgery and two followups. Insurance didn’t cover it.

  • Reply scarr |

    Wonderful job taking care of your tax bill. I am glad to hear that a portion will be knocked off! Ahh braces! I had braces growing up, both my parents had excellent insurance so the out of pocket payments weren’t so hefty after my brother and I had our teeth straightened. I think it is very smart to be planning for those expenditures now. Side note – my friend recently just finished a year-long dental ordeal. She had issues with her teeth since she was a child, but her parents didn’t have the money or insurance to have her teeth fixed while she was young. Now, at 28, she finally saved enough money to have her problems fixed and she couldn’t be happier (after a year of surgeries and implants). It is a wonderful sacrifice you are making for your children, to take care of their dental issues now – not every one is so fortunate. You deserve a big pat on the back for that!

  • Reply Meghan |

    Does your employer offer a Flexible Spending Account? I so, you can do it next year and pay off the balances for the kids in January with pre-tax earnings. 🙂

    I somehow missed open enrollment this year but next year will participate myself. This year would have been a good year for it too.

  • Reply sandra J |

    Just a thought – you might want to share your ebay link. With lots of readers you might get some sales through the blog.

  • Reply Molly Ellis |

    Ebay is definitely a great way to make up some cash quick. A couple of years ago I went through my closest and sold used things of mine that I no longer needed (clothing, a cheap camera, some hats, etc). I made about $1,500 over about six months. It just cost me some of my time, but that was quite a bit of money that could’ve easily never been made. Doing little things definitely does add up.

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