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Steph’s Work Situation


I was reading the comments on the guest bloggers post and I saw someone say that no one really knows what we bloggers “do”.  It’s true that I’ve been hesitant to say exactly what I do and the more I think about it the more I really can’t see a reason not to tell ya’ll what my job is.   So here is what I do and a little back story on how I got into the profession that I am in.

Ten years ago I was managing a coffee shop while I went to college for Mass Communication.  There was an ophthalmologist and his office manager that would come in every morning for their cup of joe.  One morning they came in and asked if I’d be willing to meet with them after work to discuss something. I was intrigued and since I’m nosy by nature (hehe, get it?), I of course said yes. They offered me a job.  Their plan was that I would come in and learn every aspect of the clinic and eventually I would manage it. It was such an awesome opportunity and I jumped at it.  I became a certified technician and learned everything from working the front desk and filing insurance to assisting during minor procedures.  I was also able to travel several times a year to different conferences.  I worked for them for five years and learned a lot.  I eventually left to stay home with my children and opened my own business.

When my husband became sick the medical bills started to pile up and we decided that I would go back to work so that we could stay on top of things. We also were getting serious about debt reduction so it seemed like the best thing for us to do. I worried that my being out of the traditional work force for five years would make it hard to find a job.  Thankfully, as soon as I started looking, there was an ad in the paper for a surgery coordinator at a large eye clinic.  I applied and was quickly hired.  When I worked for the first doctor, I was certified to operate the laser and equipment used for Lasik.  My current employer was happy that I had these skills and now I do everything there is to do in the Lasik department.  I meet with patients and I am with them during the entire process from their scheduling and testing to operating the laser during their surgery.  I mostly enjoy what I do.  I’m very much a people person and interacting with people is something I really like. The only down side is that it is a large clinic and I work with mostly women.  Oh, the downfalls of an office full of women.

Anyway, I hope this was information that helps ya’ll know a little more about me. If you have any other questions, please ask!

No bonus, small raise


But I am NOT complaining!  I really had no expectation of either given that I was promoted to Senior Trial Counsel last year and got an 8% raise and a $6,000 bonus.  Isn’t that the way it usually goes?  At my company merit raises are given out based upon your performance within your group.  As a brand new Senior Trial Attorney I am competing against a lot of lawyers that have a lot more experience than I do AND since they’ve been in the position longer their case load is such that they likely have more trials of major cases than I do right now.  That is going to change this year with two major cases on the horizon that I do anticipate going to a jury.  One is a fatality and the other a severe injury.  This is the first year I haven’t received a bonus but I did get a 2% merit raise and $9,000 worth of stock options and I have a great job!  No sour grapes here.  Others in the office that were eligible for bonuses didn’t receive one either.  No time to spend moaning and groaning!  I am on track for the stupid IRS debt and that 2% raise gives me back the payroll deduction amount I lost at the beginning of the year.  I am seeing a lot less in  my monthly paychecks with all of the adjustments but I am still on track.  That is because of SERIOUS planning and THINKING about every purchase I make.  It’s also because I no longer have a reluctant spouse to drag along on the road to financial peace!!  I do worry that suddenly I am going to fall off the wagon and wake up and have a new high end luxury car in my driveway–or some other insane purchase.  Not because I want or even think about a luxury car or any other major purchase but just like an alcoholic envisioning waking up in an alley!   It’s all about keeping things in my conscience thinking and this blog helps with that tremendously.

My church is offering Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University beginning in early March.  $100.  I am thinking about making that investment.