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Could I Make This Up?!


Maybe some of you saw the exchange between  me and Tiffany  in the comments after last night’s post on the housing post.  She asked about the promotion and I shared that we were told late yesterday that the boss and his boss were coming in for a lunch meeting.  This was somewhat unexpected although my boss had said it might happen when we spoke about 2 weeks ago but then when he came by in person last week, there was a suggestion that the entire thing was put off until September 1. 

Even as I prepare to type this out I am thinking to myself, “this sounds made up!”  I promise, this is my life and thankfully I have A) a total and complete faith in God’s plan and B) a sense of humor.  We knew we were having a lunch meeting and we all noticed that the HR manager was included on the calendar invite.  Then this morning the bosses met with my main competitor (let’s call him Sam)  behind closed doors for about an hour and twenty minutes.  Then we had our lunch meeting and nothing was mentioned.  Not a word about the position.  Nada.  Then they packed up and left the office.

I can’t even think of a word that can convey how silly I am finding this entire thing at this point!  One thought is an offer was made to Sam and he has the weekend to discuss and accept next week.  Then the two candidates (myself and another in the office) that were not selected will be told.  I’m somehow very okay with that scenario–I just want closure!  If Sam was selected, I am able to see the benefits to me personally.  I don’t think the major issues in the office will be addressed but I can also see very clearly how those issues don’t directly impact my work experience.  If I start thinking about the multiple people who ARE impacted by the decision, I can see how it is not the best decision.  Does that make sense?  If viewed just from my perspective and my experience, not a huge impact.  If viewed globally, I see that we aren’t going to be in a very good spot. 

There are a few other scenarios that may play out but I am very tired of guessing, surmising, speculating and wondering.  So, for this weekend, I am assuming I did not get the job.  I am ready to face that reality with grace and my dignity intact!  But, I won’t lie either.  I can’t imagine it taking near 90 minutes to convey this job offer.  We know what this job is about and I’ve got a voice in the back of my head on this that another opportunithy was offered to him instead of the original position. There’s a vacancy in an area he specializes in and I’m curious if he was tapped for that role.  This is not at all to say that I’m assuming the job is mine because I am not. 

I do feel okay about the whole thing.  I’m blessed to have a firm hold on reality in that it all happens for a reason and I am exactly where I am supposed to be on this day.  The situation is out of my control.  I am thankful for having opportunities and a very good job–in this economy, that cannot be taken for granted.

Phone Call with the Boss


Last week the decision regarding the promotion at the office was again postponed.  I posted about that and then really took some time to think about a comment made by a reader referencing “what would a leader do?” given the impact all of this is having on our office.  After I read that I really took some time to think and pray and confirmed that my desire to call him did not come from a purely selfish motive of “Did I get the job or not?” but instead was truly motivated by my conversations with co-workers about our shared frustration with the state of our office.

So I sent him an instant message and asked that he give me a call and he did so pretty quickly.  I immediately explained I realized that my calling could look very selfish given the pending decision but I was confident I was calling with a “greater good” motivation–not purely selfish ones.  We first discussed an announcement regarding two employees in an out-of-state office (not in my department but from a group my department works closely with) being relocated. While that annoucement wasn’t entirely unexpected, the timing of it was such that it was another building block in the “Tower of Stress” that has become our workplace.  We also discussed some silly issues regarding ordering equipment and such that also have people talking.  Finally we discussed the 8 month wait for local leadership and that the impact of that cannot be ignored.  I’m not positive but it sure did seem like he was surprised that it had been so long.  I think that happens when you are not on site–no one’s fault really–just the nature of the beast.  Out of sight, out of mind?  He was receptive and seemed genuine when he thanked me for communicating and I told him it is either a sign that I’m the smartest or the dumbest in the office!  He expressed regret that we are feeling the way we are feeling b/c he has absolutely NO information to suggest our office is facing cutbacks or downsizing at all.  The staff members are rightfully worried and while I recognize there may be things at play that we cannot be privy too—I also think it important that if you give a group of people a date certain and then that cannot be met…they need more than just a cancellation.  It was a good conversation and he explained–to the extent he could–that the most recent delay was unexpected for him as well and had more to do with the schedule of others.

Here’s the great news though—I was really able to put all of this to rest again after that call.  Not because he said anything to reassure me or prepare me by any means–but instead because it is truly what needed to be done.  I’m a huge proponent of communicating and believe that so many of life’s problems come from a total lack of communication!  After our phone call he decided to come for a visit tomorrow–and clearly said there is no news to share–but that he understands that his superiors will be making the announcment the following week.  I’m not concerned with that at all–I just feel better having communicated the office issues.  That was the right thing to do and I am the person to do it–whether I get the promotion or not–I did the right thing.