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Save Money While Shopping…


I was listening to a local finance radio show and couldn’t help but giggle at their advice on how to save money while shopping based on a nationwide study. Apparently, shoppers spend less when they have to, um, how do I say this…

when they have to pee.

Shoppers feel rushed and spend less time wandering stores, thus, add less to their shopping carts.

Somehow, I just can’t see myself hurriedly downing a couple quarts of water so Target would have a less painful hit on my pocketbook BUT, I know it would work. How? This weekend, I ran a couple errands while my husband watched our sleeping baby at home. I’m nursing the little guy so my window of time away is TINY. I found myself power walking (and admittedly, occasionally RUNNING) through the grocery store, the shoe store, and the library. There wasn’t one item purchased that wasn’t on my list because I simply didn’t have the luxury of time to wander. My husband laughed at my new ability to shop quickly and cheaply.

So, if you aren’t trapped by a nursing infant…

try drinking lots of water.

Perhaps a trip to the doc is in order…


I’m a relatively patient person. When it comes to getting sick, I tend to wait things out or try my best to remedy problems myself with healthy foods, large amounts of water, and lots of sleep. It’s always worked in the past but…

I’ve been coughing… for 41 days.

I wanted to see a doctor about 3 weeks ago but our company was undergoing a major healthcare change and we were covered but didn’t have valid medical insurance cards. We were told to see a doctor if necessary and we would ‘likely’ be reimbursed for our expenses….Yeah. I didn’t fall for that either.

I decided to wait it out until my health insurance card arrived. Maybe this was a poor decision.

Especially since, today, my doctor told me I have pneumonia.

Oh but wait. There’s more.

My pneumonia initiated asthma.

The funny part about this is – I’m relieved. I’ve been feeling ridiculously overdramatic for the last few weeks as I cried because I couldn’t breathe and couldn’t stop coughing. My tears and misery have been vindicated!!

I’m off to take an insane amount of pharmaceuticals and sleep the week away.