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The Cost of Beautiful – Confession and Resolution


Over the last year, I have gotten my nails done regularly. It began the day before my job interview for my W2 job and has continued up until a little over a month ago. Even though I knew I needed that money elsewhere, I regularly had them done.

I always justified it by saying, I need to have a good corporate image. I don’t spend money on make up or my hair, this is my treat. There was always a good excuse. At $40 a visit, it is no small cost when you go regularly!

When I lost my job in January, I did start going longer and longer between appointments, but I still didn’t stop. And as things have gotten tighter and tighter, I am more and more convicted by this type of “extra.”

Last week, I went to the nail salon to have the industrial strength nail polish removed. It cost me $10. And have since bitten my nails to the quick.

In reality, I don’t know if people even look at your hands. However, I’m on a computer all the time so I see them regularly. Between the job loss, financial instability, etc. well, this one more thing tipped me over the edge.

DIY Nails

I decided to do something about it. Wal-mart shopping it was. Last night, I went and bought the basic necessities for doing my own nails. I bought a file, nail trimmers, one bottle of clear polish and one bottle of color. Now, I will admit I bought a good brand, in hopes it won’t chip as quickly.

In the end, for less than the cost of one nail salon visit, I should be able to do my own nails for months.

A Long Way to Go

As proud as I am for how far I have come in the last four years, these little things still remind me that I have a LONG way to go in my relationship with money.

Here’s to all the DIY women out there making good financial choices especially in regards to our personal appearance and hygiene. Those costs can add up quickly if you are not careful.

What do you do for self care? How do you minimize the cost? Do you have a treat or splurge for yourself?

A Tiny Little Splurge – Worth More than its Weight in Gold


I have a confession to make, and to be honest, this is something I did months ago.  Like maybe three months ago.  But I just got the results, so at this point the money was long gone.  But…let me explain why first.

Months ago, I was sitting at dinner with History Buff, Princess and Gymnast.  And like all 10 years olds do, Gymnast went off on this tangent about tattoos, how he wanted one, would I let him get one, and so on.  Then History Buff brought up the tattoos he might get one day, mostly based on what his birth father has.  And then he starts this story about how his biological mom has his younger sister and brother’s names tattooed on her, but not his and Sea Cadets.  And as much as he will say he is over the hurt that has been caused by events with her, I could see the pain just this little thing caused him.

And I immediately thought of my Mother’s Ring.  (I don’t have tattoos and am too scared of needles to ever want one.)  My ex-husband got it for me some years ago and it had my younger two children’s birthstones on it.  They are tiny, but it has replaced my wedding ring over the last few years and I never took it off.

And then I realized that History Buff and his twin has been my sons for over two years now…and they weren’t on my ring.  Something I cherish because of what it symbolizes.

Okay, you can probably guess where the story goes.  Princess and I were out one day and I had some time to kill so I ran into a local jeweler to find out how much it would be to add the twins to my ring.  It was $85.  I thought it would be hundreds and completely out of reach.  Well, I left it that day and they’ve let me make payments over the last months, and this week I picked it up.

I am THRILLED!  Now I have all my children on my Mother’s Ring and I will cherish it forever!  Happy Mother’s Day to Me!

My updated Mother's Ring!

My updated Mother’s Ring!