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Hope’s Weekly Budget – Week of Sept 24


I use an Excel spreadsheet to track my income and expenses. I have it set up all the way through July, 2018 to keep me looking toward the future. I thought I might post every week’s budgeted items, the Friday before.  This will help keep me accountable, and give you a real life view into my financial life to advise and guide me on.

This coming week’s items are pretty self explanatory. I am at the end of my monthly grocery budget, have a few debt payment’s scheduled, the kids’ weekly allowance and our family gym monthly fee.

Groceries 25-Sep-17 -50
Debt Payment 25-Sep-17 -100
Auto-Gas 26-Sep-17 -35
Debt Payment 26-Sep-17 -100
Gym 28-Sep-17 -50
1099 Income 29-Sep-17 850
Allowance 29-Sep-17 -80
Debt Payment 29-Sep-17 -100

The 1099 income is from one of my regular income sources, I’ve been part time with this particular company going on 2 years now. It is the one I got right after I lost my full time income. It has steadily grown and I now work 25 hours a week, every week. I enjoy the work, I love my ‘bosses’ and it’s one of those jobs I can do anytime, anywhere while at the same time being flexible when I need some time away.

Today I am spending the day with my siblings. All four of them flew to Georgia with my mom for a few days. It’s the first time we’ve seen them since last Christmas when we went to Texas and the first time we’ve all been in Georgia in several years.

Let me know your thoughts on my Friday Budget posts?

House Party – Playing Hostess


Last week, I hosted a party for two of my friends who are selling things…I’ve NEVER played hostess for one of these things before.  I actually did it on a “bet” per se.  A month or so ago, I went to a friend’s party and before I would purchase any product (I went saying I wouldn’t, but I wanted to support her venture,) I had to see it work at my house.  She showed up the next day with her personal supplies in hand and AMAZED me.


I don’t take the best pictures, but this is the before and after of my all wood, farmhouse table that is our kitchen table, school table, craft table, just about everything table. Everything happens on this table.  It’s about 5 years old (a post marriage split purchase) and is covered in paint, glue, and a variety of other things that just won’t come up.  We have tried all sorts of cleaners, scraped it, etc. but either varnish comes off or it just doesn’t work.  When I saw her product work with very little effort, I was hooked.  And then she showed me what it would do to my glass top stove and shower.  So I purchased and I ate my words and said I would host a party for her.  So here we are.

I added my second friend who also just started selling a complimentary product 1) because it is a complementary product and 2) because I wanted to support her and didn’t think I could pull off two such house party type things.  I did check with each and make sure they were okay with it, and they were.  Yeah!

Ok, so hosting a house party can be expensive especially if I did it like I’ve seen my friends do it.  They have a cleaning service come in, buy a ton of food and alcohol, etc.  So I was terribly worried about all this for a couple of reasons….1) I am not hiring a cleaning service; 2) I don’t drink alcohol at all, never have, so not only did I have no clue on how to buy alcohol if I wanted too but I don’t have the glasses (or stemware as I was told) to serve it; 3) food, OMG, what in the world would I serve?!

So here is how I tackled my dilemmas:

  1. I paid my kids to clean the house.  Yes, it’s not as clean as a professional service, but it is clean to our standards, and I’m proud of the job they did, and they are happy with the money they made.
  2. I asked the two women that I was hosting the party for to cover the alcohol issue.  They both drink, have stemware and are aware that I am clueless and even a little uncomfortable with alcohol in general.  (It helps that one lives across the street so wasn’t labor intensive to move stemware.)
  3. I spent the last couple of weeks researching good snacks that I could make at home and again enlisted the kids to help with preparation.  We even fit it into our weekly grocery budget so no extra money spent.

So out of pocket was the housecleaning money to my kids (who as you recall, gave up their allowances last month.)  As the “hostess” I get free products based on what others buy so I didn’t actually have to purchase anything.  And to top it off, had a really great night with my girlfriends!

Now this is the way to have a house party!