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Radical Savings?


I was reading an article by Jennifer Mulrean about ‘7 radical ways to save money’. Her suggestions were:

1. Hold the mother of all garage sales.

The only thing left to sell in our garage is the actual garage… and I tried.

2. Quit smoking.

Easy. Well… only because I never started.

3. Tame your driving addiction.

Sure it triples my commute time, but I leave my car at home on a regular basis.

4. Buy used.

From clothes to books to cars, I haven’t been the first owner of much since we went on our debt diet.

5. Become a homebody. Consider the library for books, music and movies.

I can’t believe she shared the library tip!! That was MY secret!

6. Cut your housing expenses. Consider renting out a room.

We’ve had roommates for…ever.

7. Cut up your credit cards. Build an emergency fund first to handle most unexpected expenses.

Done. Well… again.

Radical? I don’t think so. Have you discovered a REAL radical way to save cash?

Garage Sale!!


My grandparents moved from Arkansas to California to live with my parents a few months ago. Since my parents live in a rural area and I live in the city, mom thought it would be a good idea to have a garage sale of her and my grandmother’s duplicated items at my house.

My mother flew in my sister, the family garage sale expert, from Kansas to help her assemble the wares. Yes, it was a pretty transparent excuse to get my sister to visit, but we didn’t mention it.

I haven’t hosted a garage sale at my home before and wasn’t sure if she would get the traffic she needed.

Judging from the stack of cash she had sitting on the kitchen counter…

My area is very garage sale friendly. Mom earned just over $1,000, my brother made $150, and I made $10.

Clearly, I didn’t keep a good eye on mom’s bookkeeping.

It was a learning experience and if I had anything to sell, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.