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My boss called me into his office yesterday morning and asked me to sit down. Of course, in this economy, I figured he was going to lay me off. Instead, he said he nominated me for a position two steps above my own. No one in my department has ever skipped a step so I was a bit surprised.

It took a few seconds to respond since my prepared speech was more along the lines of, “I have enjoyed working here and I hope you will consider me if a position becomes available. I’ll have my desk cleaned out in 5 minutes.”

I think I stuttered out a “Wow… Um… Cool” which is exactly the ‘professional’ appearance you want to portray when someone sticks his neck out for you.

He told me the promotion has to get approved by the CEO so nothing is official yet but he ended the conversation with…

“Just act surprised when they offer you the job ok?”

I can act surprised… but I can’t seem to wipe this silly grin off my face.