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Employment Confidence…


I was preparing for a community outreach event for my work and had compiled a stack of materials to distribute. Some of the other departments have fancy rolling carts or plastic boxes but since our department only participates in these types of events four times a year, I put everything in a cardboard moving box.

File Box

As I waited for the elevator while holding my cardboard box, the manager of HR walked up and asked if I was leaving.

‘Yup, I’m out of here!’ I said with a smile.

She put her hand on my arm and said, ‘Is there something I can do? Did something happen?’

Then it hit me. She thought I was quitting.

‘Oh, no. This is for an outreach tomorrow.’ I said laughing.

‘Oh my God. Don’t ever scare me like that again.’ She said placing her hand to her chest.

As I caught the elevator down, I couldn’t help but smile. In these uncertain times, I’ll sleep well tonight. It’s good to feel valued.

Dealing with Setbacks…


One of the unavoidable – and sometimes most painful – steps in the journey to become debt free is setbacks.

We had been looking forward to becoming debt free in about 12 months, but our schedule has been delayed due to the bout of unemployment. I could tell you that I’m not disappointed… and I could also tell you I was excited to see my check engine light pop on this morning – but I’d be lying.

Setbacks and adjustment are just a part of the journey.

How are we dealing we ours?

Rather than jump straight into reducing debt, we are going to rally up our depleted savings. Depending on my husband’s actual start date, we should be back up in about 2 months. After we have a stable amount, we’re going to jump right back into the fight against our debt.

The good news? My husband will start working at construction prevailing wage rates in February or March. Prevailing wage rates are higher than he is currently earning and should help us get back on track faster.