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What did you accomplish?


I gave myself a financial task list last week to prepare for my impending departure (tomorrow!) Nothing got done. Rather, nothing got completely done.

I feel like my gazelle like intensity has come to a grinding halt, and has been there for a while now. And for a few weeks, I couldn’t seem to function because of it, just felt too overwhelmed.  Well, I’m happy to report that this is not the case now.

I made baby steps towards all of these goals. And I feel good about where I leave them as I head out of town.  But with that in mind, I’ve already got a long task list to accomplish once I return.

So here are some updates for you…

  1. The trip – housing will cost a big, fat $0 – woohoo for the entire 2 week, 4 day trip.  The route is planned, the food is planned.
  2. The jewelry – I’ve registered with a site, but because of timing I didn’t want to start the process and not be here to finish it, so the listings will actually go up on my return.
  3. Side jobs – I completed one of the side jobs and now await payment, the other one I will need to work on while I’m traveling.
  4. Purge – Whoa, mama!  I have made some serious progress here with large piles going to donation centers today, trash going out tomorrow and items all ready to list for sale on my return.
  5. Fall plans – I haven’t really had time to spend on this one, but it’s something else I can do while on the road.  All that drive time, gives me lots of “in my head” time so I should return with lots of things worked out, at least in my head.

In addition, I have been so blessed with a week long visit from my friend (and her children) who is a great sounding board for me as I work out BIG financial decisions in my head and subsequently head to Texas where my dad and I will have serious conversations about my housing situation and near future of that.  I am EXTREMELY stressed out about my options and these discussions with my dad so if you pray, please pray for me to be open and willing to listen as well as capable of making good sound decisions for my family’s future. And help me not to cry, that always just gets in the way, and I cry really easily.

The Move


Several of you asked about my budgeting for my March 30 move.  I will be using the same movers I’ve used in the last two moves that are both reliable and very reasonable.  They charge $95 per hour for a three man crew.  They are insured and have good reviews.   I have so minimized my stuff I can’t even begin to tell you!  I spent today packing the kitchen and have another car load of things to sell and donate.  If I haven’t used it in a year…it went.  I have set aside $700 (much of that coming from the difference in rent due April 1) for the movers which I think is a significant over estimate.  When we moved into this house we essentially had two households and even had to make two trips b/c their truck wasn’t large enough to take everything in one run.  I remember clearly that we paid $850 and I remember being so impressed with the cost because it was near 9 hours that day. I just don’t see this move taking all day.  We had 100+ boxes that last move (!!!) and I’m guess-timating no more than 40 this time.  I hope to come in closer to 30.  There isn’t much furniture left with just my 3 piece living room set with two end tables, the kids bedroom sets (3 pieces each), my King size bed and the scary dresser.  There is a folding table serving as our dining table for now.  I have the frig that will be stored in my garage at the apartment.  I confirmed I can plug it in to the garage plug (and I don’t pay for electricity in the garage) and we can have a back up fridge.  I like having a lot of freezer space b/c I cook a lot and freeze.

All in all, I feel nothing but relief as I find myself with less stuff.  The sermon this morning at church was about consumerism.  The priest made such valid points about all of the empty things we chase trying to find fulfillment when really it is all very simple–and the answer is not in a new television set.

I sincerely feel like this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing right now.  I think I AM supposed to be slightly uncomfortable as I undo my past mistakes.  I think I am supposed to cringe a bit as I think about where I am at right now.  I am working hard to find motivation in the positive position it puts me in as I move forward.  It isn’t always easy as there is a very real sense of shame about everything but most days I do okay.

I sense there are many readers out there who are still in a hopeless situation about their debt.  If that’s you, go back and read some of my early posts and see where I’ve come in just 12 months (March 1 was my one year anniversary as the blogger on this site).  I hope you find encouragement in what you read.  Remember it could always be worse and you do have something to be grateful for in this world.  That could be family or your job or whatever…but we all have something.  Take a baby step today and watch how you gain momentum.  While I do not recommend going through a SECOND divorce as you are trying to dig out, I can say the divorce is very likely the best thing that could have happened to me on my debt journey.  I am excited to see where I will be in just another 12 months!

Happy Sunday.