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Hope’s Weekly Budget – Week of Sept 24


I use an Excel spreadsheet to track my income and expenses. I have it set up all the way through July, 2018 to keep me looking toward the future. I thought I might post every week’s budgeted items, the Friday before.  This will help keep me accountable, and give you a real life view into my financial life to advise and guide me on.

This coming week’s items are pretty self explanatory. I am at the end of my monthly grocery budget, have a few debt payment’s scheduled, the kids’ weekly allowance and our family gym monthly fee.

Groceries 25-Sep-17 -50
Debt Payment 25-Sep-17 -100
Auto-Gas 26-Sep-17 -35
Debt Payment 26-Sep-17 -100
Gym 28-Sep-17 -50
1099 Income 29-Sep-17 850
Allowance 29-Sep-17 -80
Debt Payment 29-Sep-17 -100

The 1099 income is from one of my regular income sources, I’ve been part time with this particular company going on 2 years now. It is the one I got right after I lost my full time income. It has steadily grown and I now work 25 hours a week, every week. I enjoy the work, I love my ‘bosses’ and it’s one of those jobs I can do anytime, anywhere while at the same time being flexible when I need some time away.

Today I am spending the day with my siblings. All four of them flew to Georgia with my mom for a few days. It’s the first time we’ve seen them since last Christmas when we went to Texas and the first time we’ve all been in Georgia in several years.

Let me know your thoughts on my Friday Budget posts?

Debt & the City Introduction


Note: This post comes from Debt & the City who would like to be the next BAD Blogger. Read her introduction and ask any questions you may have. This is for the new blogger position which you can find out more information about here

That was the name of my old blog so I’m not new to blogging about my debt. At my highest (start of 2012) I had about 26K in credit card debt and 26k in undergrad and grad school loans. That’s a lot of debt! Thankfully, I’m down to approximately 7K in Credit Cards and 19k in loans so you can see I’m motivated.

Let’s talk about me for a second. I’m a typical twenty-something year old with lots of debt that I mostly incurred before I started working full-time. I had absolutely no concept of money management in school and thought that once I got a real job, I’d be able to pay it all off in one year. With that in mind and a job offer in hand, I decided to travel around Europe and “experience the world”. Needless to say, it was a shock to my system to find that i could not find a semi-decent one bedroom apartment in New York City for less than $1500. I got an even bigger shock when I got my first pay check – what do you mean I have to pay state AND city taxes? My plan of paying all my debt off seemed laughable and I literally lived paycheck to paycheck. I tried to focus on paying my debt but struggled with balancing that and enjoying life. My turning point came when I found the world of personal finance and eventually started my old blog.

Now I live in a different (but almost as expensive) city and I can finally see the light at the end of a long and dark tunnel. Having so much debt throughout my early adulthood has held me back from so many things I want to accomplish and I am ready to finally throw the weight off. There are some life decisions I am currently contemplating that might slow my progress down a little but that is still in the works.

I’ve read BAD since the era of Trisha and I don’t think we have really had a younger more urban perspective. I’m not gazelle – I will only read recycled newspapers for entertainment – focused but then again, I did go 6 months without a bed because I didn’t want to spend so I have my moments. I try to balance having a reasonably enjoyable life while getting rid of the debt so that might not be for everyone. I definitely know that I don’t always prioritize the way people expect (plane ticket over couch and dining table anyone?). However, it means that I find creative ways to enjoy myself or make extra money (craigslist is a treasure chest guys).

I’m closer (knock on wood) to the tail end of my journey and would love to share it with the BAD community because i have NEVER in my adult life known what it feels like to get paid and keep all the money (it’s actually scary when I think about it). I should add that I work in the finance/accounting industry so I’m a lover of excel and spreadsheets are my friend.

Hopefully, there are readers out there that can relate and would benefit from my story as I know I have a lot of information to share with you all and I am excited to get some feedback (and advice).



I have struggled with finding a system to keep track of my money.  I’ve posted about this before and you all shared some great tips. I feel like I have had a mental block to everything I’ve tried.  I start off pretty good but then inevitably stop using the program.

After trying I don’t know how many different programs I decided I needed to stop the jumping around (it was taking WAY too much time to input info, link accounts, etc) and commit.  So, I’m here to tell you I’m on day 21 of using Quicken.  I am shooting for a full month with the program–which will be a record by about 27 days for me with Quicken!

I’ve found with patience and practice that there are a lot of things I like about the set up of Quicken.  There’s also a lot that this non-financial brain just does not get!  But I will keep trying.  I know I am missing out on so much with the application simply because I don’t fully understand.  BUT, it is helping me keep very good track of all of my spending.  I figure just like an exercise program that I often started and stopped in the past (yes, I AM still using my gym membership that I fought so hard for on the blog!), I have got to do this for 30 days.

Seriously, I get a little anxious when any document opens up looking remotely like a spreadsheet.  Give me a Word document and I am at ease!  Let me write about my finances and I’m good!  But make me look at them on a ledger type sheet?   I shut down!

Practice makes perfect but in this case I don’t need perfect…just consistent!