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Loan Forgiveness Failure


When I graduated from my PhD program, I had nearly $100,000 of student loan debt.

So, one might say it’s a topic “near and dear” to my heart. I’ve been opposed to entering into any type of student loan forgiveness program in the past. Ultimately, I just want to repay my own dang loans rather than depending on the government to maybe one-day pay them off for me. In fact, I wrote here about some of the horror stories that make me worried to rely upon a government forgiveness program.

So imagine my surprise (cough *sarcasm* cough) when I saw this story float across my Facebook feed a couple days ago. The headline reads: “This government loan forgiveness program has rejected 99% of borrowers so far.”

According to the article,

“So far, roughly 99% of processed applications for forgiveness under a government program aimed at helping public servants manage their federal student-loan debt had their applications rejected……Of the roughly 29,000 applications processed so far, only 96 borrowers have had about $5.52 million in debt discharged under the program.”

I know a couple of these people. The first year of the program was 2007 and it requires 10-years of on-time payments for debt to be discharged. That means the first “cohort” to receive debt forgiveness would’ve occurred just last year, in 2017. I personally know 2 different friends from grad school who have posted publicly (Facebook) about thinking they were entered into this loan forgiveness program for a full 10 YEARS, fully expecting and planning to have remaining debt discharged….only to have the rug pulled out from under them. Complicated explanations and nitpicky reasons for why they were not eligible.  It’s a pretty devastating thing to realize and come to terms with.

So I keep on making those monthly payments. I may do a temporary forbearance (still paying interest) while my life-situation is so up-in-the-air. But I’ll pay these loans off eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later!!!

(Unless the US wants to just cancel student loans in order to grow the US economy. That would be pretty cool. I kid, I kid!)



Free Wipe Out Student Loan Debt Webinar


student loan webinar

When it comes to debt elimination, college loans are often a huge portion of the total debt many from which families are trying to dig their way out. According to the Institute for College Access & Success in 2012, 45 percent of American households are struggling to repay $1.2 trillion in student loan debt. This is an increase of 500 percent over the past decade. More than one million, or 71 percent, of all students graduating from four-year colleges are left with some type of student loan debt.

Even worse, the amount of debt isn’t insignificant. Former students across the country hold an average debt loan of nearly $30,000. That makes college loans one of the biggest sources of debt-related stress, and they owe more to student loans than they do to credit card debt. Americans only owe more on home mortgages.

The problem when getting financial advice on student loan debt is finding a source that has no special interest in the advice being given. That is, they don’t have a financial interest in you doing one thing or another. To help those who have student debt who would like to know more about their options, Liberty Bank for Savings is sponsoring a free webinar to help people reduce or eliminate student loan debt. The webinar will be on Wednesday, October 14 at 7:00 pm.

What makes the webinar different is that Liberty Bank doesn’t offer college or commercial loans, so they don’t have a vested interest in trying to get you to take a loan out with them. They are impartial on this topic and the bank merely provides their free money management seminars as a community service to better educate people on personal financial matters.

This 60-minute webinar titled Wipe Out Student Loan Debt will be conducted by Laura La Belle. She’s a certified financial planner and money coach who is an expert in the field. The webinar will be available free of charge via laptop or smartphone at libertybank.com. The latest student loan programs, options, and specific steps to eliminate student loan debt will be covered. For those interested in the webinar, registration is required.

Topics if the webinar include how to apply for new debt repayment programs, how to prevent student loan defaults, how to avoid garnishments, liens, and tax levies, how evaluate new payment reduction programs, how to use debt forgiveness programs which may save thousands of dollars, and how to avoid scam artists that prey on debt-ridden borrowers. it’s also set up so there will time for questions and answers for student loan questions participants may have.

For anyone who currently has student loan debt and would like more information about the options available to pay it down as quickly as possible, this is a great opportunity to get unbiased information that doesn’t cost a dime. It can be a good first-step to put together a plan for paying down your student loan debt knowing the options available. There is never harm in better educating yourself in financial matters, especially when that education is free. For those interested, they can register online at Liberty Bank.