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Video Interview for Gift Card – Score!


I’ve never been one for filling out surveys online for money. But in the last year, as a Walmart shopper, I have been invited to several surveys for points and as you earn more points, you get e-gift cards. I’ve probably spent 15 minutes total on these surveys and earned $20 in Walmart gift cards.

This works great for me since I do most of my grocery shopping using their shop online/pick up service and frankly, they are really the only store around for most things in our tiny town.

But a week or so ago, they called to ask if I would consider doing a hour and a half video interview and they would pay me $150 in a Walmart gift card.

My interview was last night….


Since we are traveling to Chicago in a couple of weeks, I’ve decided to try a “eat through the pantry” month for February and only use the $150 gift card for groceries. That will free up $400 in my budget. I’ll be working on a meal plan tomorrow to make things stretch as far as I can.

My Other Side Hustle

On a side note, I think I mentioned that I signed up on Rover.com last fall as another potential side hustle. Well, it’s been a bust so far. BUT, I was contacted this past weekend by a couple new to town with two dogs looking for a regular dog sitter.

We met yesterday and it looks like I will be getting steady work from them to watch their two fur-babies when they travel. I don’t anticipate it will be a lot of extra $$ but every little bit counts, right? And it will be super easy, since they want me to keep their dogs at my house…

No more work then watching my own dogs…

Taking Myself Away for the Weekend


It’s been a long few months. A long couple of weeks. And I needed a break from my life.

I needed a break from answering to the “mom” call. I needed a break from taking the dogs outside. I needed a break from taking care of everyone but myself.

And I needed a chance to unwind and recharge my creative juices for work…so I’m doing something completely new for me. And something I wouldn’t have been comfortable doing before. I’m taking myself away for the weekend.

After a doctor appointment this morning to get my eyes checked, I have booked myself into a hotel for 2 nights. I’ve packed a bunch of books (all work related) that I’ve been wanting to dive into. Packed my mobile office – computer, mouse, charger, ipad, phone, more chargers, lap pad, comfy throw and back pillow. And I’m going dark from everyone but myself for the next 3 days.

Obviously, the kids will know how to reach me. But I know they will respect my need for a getaway. And while History Buff will be picking Princess up from her cheerleading duties tonight, I will be back before she has to leave the house again for choir practice on Sunday.

The cost of the hotel is being covered by a very generous client who I am working on a big project for.  The breakfast is complimentary. And I’ve divided up our grocery money for the week between the 3 of us…$33 each to cover our food. I also packed a few snacks from home.

I am so ready for a super productive weekend and a much needed recharge! Talk to ya’ll next week!

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