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My husband is graduating from college this weekend and I’m SOOOO proud. I’m still not sure how he pulled off working full-time, going to school full-time, and working side jobs on the weekends, but he did.

He took his last final yesterday and we’re going out to dinner to celebrate. Sure, it’s not very ‘Dave Ramsey’ of me to head out to our local steakhouse when we still have debt but…

I’m laying off the ‘gazelle intensity’ tonight. Sorry Dave. ; )

Dave Ramsey Wins Again…


Sometimes, people call Dave Ramsey’s radio show and tell him about items they must have but can’t afford and use those items as an excuse to rack up credit card debt. He tells them to think outside the box. See if you can get it without cash. No matter how many times he says this, I think ‘That applies to someone else. It wouldn’t work for me.’

Sigh. But of course… he’s right.

I’ve been Jonesing for a rocking chair. I’ve searched Craigslist but the prices are too high and I’m unwilling to part with a couple hundred dollars for a non-necessity item.

I’m sitting in the kitchen on Sunday, talking to my mom about the stupid rocking chair dilemma (yes, I terrorize my poor mother regularly about my tightwad woes) when lo and behold, grandma appears out of nowhere like the furniture fairy.

“Rocking Chair? Did someone say they needed a rocking chair?”

She proceeded to pull out her magic stash of not one, not two, not three… but 5 rocking chairs.

“Tell me which one you like and you can borrow it for as long as you need it” she and my grandpa said.

OK, so maybe she didn’t say I could borrow it and she didn’t say I could keep it as long as I needed it, but they are leaving for vacation next month and I figured I could steal *cough* ‘borrow’ it when they left.

I felt like Goldilocks as I moved from chair to chair, ultimately deciding to steal the plush rocker currently occupied by Coco, their giant stuffed gorilla.

“When are you leaving for vacation?” I asked ‘innocently’.

“You might as well save time and load it now” my grandpa replied.

Hmm. I guess I’m fairly transparent… that or he saw me throw Coco in the closet and attempt to shove the chair out the back door.

Sweet! Rocking chair checked off my list. Borrowed furniture. Can’t say I’ve ever thought of that before.

This whole ‘think outside the box’ thing is still new to me. It’s something I’ll have to get used to.

A hearty thanks to my grams and gramps for helping me stay in budget.