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Car Insurance in exchange for College Classes


I’ve had an idea rolling around in my head the last few weeks and I want to get the BAD community’s feedback. Princess will be starting a job soon. But she will really only be able to work one or two short shifts a week for now. So she will only be earning spending money for the time being.

She will continue to participate in cheerleading through the basketball season and then will be participating in track and field as well. She will be throwing the discus and shot put for the first time ever. (Her choice.) And of course, carries a heavy load of school and all that comes along with that.

And she will become a legal driver come May.

With that back history, I have been thinking of offering to pay for her auto insurance through the summer IF she will take a full load of college classes through the summer. That would be a full semester of college completed for free under Georgia’s dual enrollment program. Another way to cut back the financial obligation for her to complete a 4 year degree.

She would still have to work, and I believe would be able to work more than 1-2 shifts. So she will still be earning her spending money and saving some. But it will take the financial pressure off. And allow her to get another semester of college done before graduating next Spring.

(The car situation is still up in the air. Her father is still insisting he will purchase her a car so we are making this plan with that in mind. If he doesn’t, she and I will share our current car as planned.)

So in essence, I am offering to pay her auto insurance in exchange for her to go to school time through the summer. I believe it’s a good bargain. What do you think?

Video Interview for Gift Card – Score!


I’ve never been one for filling out surveys online for money. But in the last year, as a Walmart shopper, I have been invited to several surveys for points and as you earn more points, you get e-gift cards. I’ve probably spent 15 minutes total on these surveys and earned $20 in Walmart gift cards.

This works great for me since I do most of my grocery shopping using their shop online/pick up service and frankly, they are really the only store around for most things in our tiny town.

But a week or so ago, they called to ask if I would consider doing a hour and a half video interview and they would pay me $150 in a Walmart gift card.

My interview was last night….


Since we are traveling to Chicago in a couple of weeks, I’ve decided to try a “eat through the pantry” month for February and only use the $150 gift card for groceries. That will free up $400 in my budget. I’ll be working on a meal plan tomorrow to make things stretch as far as I can.

My Other Side Hustle

On a side note, I think I mentioned that I signed up on Rover.com last fall as another potential side hustle. Well, it’s been a bust so far. BUT, I was contacted this past weekend by a couple new to town with two dogs looking for a regular dog sitter.

We met yesterday and it looks like I will be getting steady work from them to watch their two fur-babies when they travel. I don’t anticipate it will be a lot of extra $$ but every little bit counts, right? And it will be super easy, since they want me to keep their dogs at my house…

No more work then watching my own dogs…