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Our Favorite Winter Meals


I love that the cooler weather is here. We are enjoying our last week or so that we get to stay home two nights a week (before volleyball practice starts.) As a result of these two things, we are cooking a lot. I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon of posting a few of our favorite winter meals, some of which are pretty affordable

Hashbrown Potato Soup

This is the hands down family favorite. You can make it either the crockpot or on the stove. We prefer it on the stove, and I save time using frozen hashbrowns rather than whole potatoes. There are lots of recipes on the internet, some include meat, some cheese, we cook straight potato soup and then everyone doctors their bowl to their own taste.

Deviled Eggs

Princess has become famous around town for her deviled eggs. She’s even been paid by locals to make them for special events. Sea Cadet recently asked her to make them for a Christmas Party he was attending.  We are spoiled by her love to cook. (Tonight she made brownies.)


Gymnast favorite meal to make these days is meatloaf. I think he just likes to get his hands dirty…literally. (We haven’t had to buy meat since we moved. We are still eating through the freezer of meat we brought from Virginia. We are down to our last week of that though.)

We also eat a lot of beans and noodles.. Sea Cadet makes Asian inspired dishes almost every time it’s his turn to cook. Noodles and pasta sauce are another thing we are still working through from our rations we brought from Virginia.  Who knew we had so much food!

I’m so blessed that all my kids enjoy cooking and better yet, are good at it. Cooking at home saves us money, even when we cook more elaborate meals. But the best part is the fun we have preparing and trying new things. Some of our meals are true hits and some of them force us to take a McDonalds run and eat fries and sweet tea for dinner (okay, that’s only happened once.)

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of this holiday season with your loved ones. Taking time to slow down and just enjoy the holiday decorations and festivities. Enjoying some quality time. And being grateful for all the many blessings. I know I am.


Another dinner “out” avoided


What are your eating out “traps?”

Lazy, tired, busy, etc.

Happens all the time. It’s so easy to find an excuse simply because I don’t want to cook.

For the last week of this month I’ve been out of money in my eating-out money envelope, so I’ve committed to cooking all week.

Then Wednesday hit. It was a long, full day. I had lots of work, errands, and chores to tend to and on my way home from picking up the girls I was exhausted and considered my usual – getting a $5 hot and ready pizza from Little Caesars. But even at only $5, it would put me over my limit. My envelope was empty.

So what did I do?

Pulled on my big girl britches.

I came home and took out the pork roast we’d just had 2 nights prior and threw into a big pot with new seasonings (previously we’d had it with gravy, this night I did carnitas). This was a new recipe I’d just found on Pinterest and happened to have the seasonings for, an it ended up being DELICIOUS (and so, so easy since the pork was already cooked…it was more like simmering just to soak up the seasonings). I opened a can of black beans (99 cents) as a side, and put out some fresh veggies (lettuce, tomatoes), and cheese.

Dinner = done!

Prep was less than 5 minutes, total time was about 45 (letting the Carnitas simmer in spices while I played with girls in backyard).

Easy peasy and delicious to boot!

Best of all – it was another dinner “out” avoided!

What are your eating out “traps” and how do you avoid them?