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Small steps to big changes


Having my engagement end so abruptly last year not only threw me for a loop emotionally, but financially as well. Now don’t get me wrong, we had not intermingled our finances at all. But we had plans, lots of plans. And all those plans included two incomes. We had planned for three years of hunkering down and focusing on building. Then…

Well, you get where I’m going. I’m back to party of one and figuring out what this next phase of life will look like.

Three years to go

We had decided on the three years because of Princess. She has three more years of schooling. And I hesitate to make any major moves until she is done and launched. This may be the mama bear in me, but I don’t like the idea of being somewhere I can’t get to her quickly should the need arise.

Because this reason hasn’t changed, I am committing to three more years here in this home. And then, I will figure out the next move.

Start preparing now

With that decision made, I know that I have several BIG dreams. And they are just dreams right now. But knowing that, it is time to sit still and focus on being prepared for what’s next. I don’t have a lot of BIG areas I can cut back anymore. Over the years, I have cut back almost everywhere.

small steps to big changes

So now, it’s time to look for the small things I can cut back.

What areas have you found where small changes have big effects?

Happy Holidays 2022 from Hope & family


Family Pic – August, 2022

This year has probably been the hardest year I have ever faced mentally and emotionally. Therefore, I am VERY, VERY ready for a new year, a new start. And a lot of that has to do with mindset work. If you haven’t checked out the book I recommended a week or so ago, I still highly recommend it.

I wanted to close out my BAD posts for this year with my wishes for myself and you…

  1. Peace and happiness even and especially in the struggle and small things.
  2. Enough – food for our family, hard to appreciate the easy, and tears to appreciate the smiles.
  3. Growth and security.
  4. Love – I wish you repaired relationships, confidence and trust, and more than that a support system that will support you no matter what comes.

I am de-cluttering my life. Anything that doesn’t serve me is being let go, given away, and retired. This includes physical and material items, apps on my phone, relationships, and time sucking activities and distractions.

Here’s to a fresh start and new perspective in 2023. I am grateful for you and the role this community has played in my life over the last 7ish years. Thank you for the tough love, the wisdom and guidance, and the opportunity to share just a little part of my story with you.

See you in 2023!