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The Cost of Beautiful – Confession and Resolution


Over the last year, I have gotten my nails done regularly. It began the day before my job interview for my W2 job and has continued up until a little over a month ago. Even though I knew I needed that money elsewhere, I regularly had them done.

I always justified it by saying, I need to have a good corporate image. I don’t spend money on make up or my hair, this is my treat. There was always a good excuse. At $40 a visit, it is no small cost when you go regularly!

When I lost my job in January, I did start going longer and longer between appointments, but I still didn’t stop. And as things have gotten tighter and tighter, I am more and more convicted by this type of “extra.”

Last week, I went to the nail salon to have the industrial strength nail polish removed. It cost me $10. And have since bitten my nails to the quick.

In reality, I don’t know if people even look at your hands. However, I’m on a computer all the time so I see them regularly. Between the job loss, financial instability, etc. well, this one more thing tipped me over the edge.

DIY Nails

I decided to do something about it. Wal-mart shopping it was. Last night, I went and bought the basic necessities for doing my own nails. I bought a file, nail trimmers, one bottle of clear polish and one bottle of color. Now, I will admit I bought a good brand, in hopes it won’t chip as quickly.

In the end, for less than the cost of one nail salon visit, I should be able to do my own nails for months.

A Long Way to Go

As proud as I am for how far I have come in the last four years, these little things still remind me that I have a LONG way to go in my relationship with money.

Here’s to all the DIY women out there making good financial choices especially in regards to our personal appearance and hygiene. Those costs can add up quickly if you are not careful.

What do you do for self care? How do you minimize the cost? Do you have a treat or splurge for yourself?

Mending Holes


I’m back home now, but I was out of town this week for a couple days at a conference up in Phoenix (I’ll be talking more about it when I do my Week 4 spending report).

As I was packing my suitcase, I packed an outfit for which I wanted to wear a blue cardigan. But the last time I wore the cardigan I had noticed a small hole. I decided to bust out the old needle-and-thread to mend the hole before packing up.

It was kind of a pain – as soon as I’d mended one hole, I noticed ANOTHER hole. Both were right along a seam. So no sooner had I packed up the needle-and-thread, I had to bust it back out again. The holes were small so it didn’t take too long. Here’s my finished product:

I was using a cheap Dollar Store needle-and-thread pack so I was a bit nervous how it would all turn out. The location and size of the holes made the mend look a little bit “pinched” right at the seam, and I had to use a dark forest green color thread because there wasn’t a dark navy blue color. I wasn’t thrilled with the finished product but didn’t have time to go shopping (and don’t have the budget!) so I decided it was good enough.

Luckily, when I got to the conference and actually got dressed in the outfit I’d selected, I felt like the cardigan was totally fine. Here’s how it looks while being worn. You can’t even see the little “pinched” places that I thought would be so noticeable!

Perfection! I thought it worked out great and I was proud of myself for going with the thrifty option and saving money instead of running out and buying a new cardigan (which, as we all know, can all-to-quickly morph into a full new outfit, etc.)

I hope you have a great rest of your weekend! What’s your latest saving-money “win”?