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Even Little Steps Count…


Over the years as I have read about different people’s get out of debt journeys, there are always those little changes that make a big impact. For many it’s been giving up their daily Starbucks stop, for some it’s taking lunch to work every day and many more.

After I gave up soda a few years ago, I didn’t really have any of those little steady expenditures to give up. But I continue to monitor me spending on a daily basis and watch to make sure I’m not starting any new bad habits. And thankfully, thusfar, I haven’t noticed any “leaks.”

I Have a Problem

However, there is one area that I have a long history of being terrible about spending unnecessarily…and don’t laugh. It’s LIBRARY LATE FEES. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not a regular issue, but it has definitely been a habitual failure over the last few years…okay, more than a few years.

We have always been regulars at the library…both for our homeschooling years and since for our pleasure reading. But my notoriety at returning books let has caused me to often comment that I should “own stock in the library” as often as I have had to pay fines.

Started a New Streak

BUT…in continuing to make better financial decisions, I have been extremely diligent about 1) returning my stacks of books on time and 2) renewing my check out period when I want to keep a book longer. In fact, I’ve now gone two whole months with NO LATE FEES!

Ok, now before you jump down my throat, my fees over the years are typically no more than $1-3 each time. But I do know how that adds up. And I’m happy to report that I have finally broken my late fee streak. Go me!

I know  it’s a small win, but it is a win. What little bad habits do you have that you need to break? No shame how silly they sound…I mean, seriously, mine is library later fees. That is pretty pathetic.

Motivating Mom!


While I do not follow the Dave Ramsey plan, I am a member of several Dave Ramsey Facebook groups. I found them very educational and sometimes, like this, super motivating!! This is a recent post to the group by another single mama. (At least I’m assuming she’s a single mom since the post is from a Single Parent Dave Ramsey Group. I don’t know her personally.)

motivation from another mother
Wow! That’s all I could say after reading her post. A full time job and several part time side hustles. Way to go, mama!

I’ve seen more and more posts regarding donating plasma. Does anyone in the BAD community do this to earn extra cash? Personally, I’m pretty scared of needles. But I’m also pretty motivated to pay off my debt (and save money to purchase a car.) I would love to hear about your experiences with this.

I am now entering my “kid free” two weeks while Princess is at camp. (Yes, I know the twins are both still here, but with them being 20, in school full time and working part time, well, I’m still considering this my kid free time.) Once again, I have divided the house up to do a thorough purge, clean up and rearrangement over the next two weeks.

Last year, I hoped to really take a vacation during this two week period, but in all my growing, I now realize that the money I would have spent on that…well, that would have been a very bad decision. So, no vacation, no extra money spent. Go me. Another proud moment!