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Bye, bye debt…


My car debt…GONE!

My collection debt…GONE! Called, negotiated and paid yesterday!

I am officially down to my very last two debts…

  1. Credit card
  2. Student loans

And my credit card has a target much larger than this on it in my head!!!

I know I have to keep focus on rebuilding my EF and saving for a car down the road BUT guys, I am so close. So close. This credit card debt is going to be gone this year…mark my words. I will be down to one, single solitary debt.

Holy cow.

My New Ride


I am very surprised by how okay I’m feeling about this car, or rather no car plan. I am excited about no car payment and no insurance payment. I am excited about the extra motivation to continue on my weight loss journey.

I am grateful that I sprung for this really nice, comfortable bike way back when. And I’m especially grateful that I did not get rid of my bike over all these moves and my minimalist kick.

Today is the first day of this plan. I returned the rental car. The twins are tied up all day with work and school…time to get ready for my new normal.

I’m reading all your comments on my last budget post…thank you for the constructive feedback. I’ll respond after I put some thought into it and look into my forecasting…