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A Little Splurge for Me


After 4 years of using my hard, solid wood dining room chair as my office chair, I decided to treat myself. I bought myself an office chair! Cushioned, adjustable and with armrests. I’m in heaven!

My workspace where I spent 10ish hours per day.

I ordered it off Amazon and it’s been work-altering! The purchase wasn’t just driven by my sore behind. But also my achy neck from sitting at an odd angle.

But I did it, I spent $150 on myself and I know it is a worthy investment as my aches and pains have already subsided. Which results in a more productive and longer work day. Score!

One of my takeaways from my “million dollar” exercise was how selfish personal finance is and in fact, needs to be. As someone who has always put others first (ie my kids or at least my dreams for my kids,) this has been a hard pill to swallow. But as I have been rolling around my goals in my head, I have realized that it is time I start putting myself first. My future, my dreams, my security.

So my plan is to sit down with my goals and dreams, the goals and dreams that are just for me. I’m not going to think about the kids. I’m not going to think about the kids’ college expenses or their need for a car. Or what I “should” be doing. Instead, I’m going to focus on my goals and what I need. My future.

As JP mentioned in the comments last week, I’m going to make a 5 year plan. And see how that looks.

Is this something you have done? And when you have a 5 year plan, do you work backwards to set up your personal finances? Like this is where I want to be and then work on the steps to get there? That’s how I would work a work project, but I’ve never done it in my own life, my personal finances.

What is Our Why?


This morning my husband and I were on a short run together and we were lamenting our inability to get up earlier so we could actually do a real workout. We hit snooze again and again, sometimes never getting up in time to exercise. In the end, we decided we’ve lost sight of our “why.” Having a “why,” a good reason for doing something, is food for your motivation.

My husband and I have been working out in the mornings together for about a year and a half. We gave up our gym memberships when we started to get serious with our debt, and we didn’t miss them. We started doing some workouts in the mornings, and for the first six months we were consistent and we loved it.

But then we began to taper off. We’ve gained our 2020 twenty between the two of us, and we just feel blah. Halloween candy ain’t helping. We want to feel better, but we are experts at talking ourselves out of doing things that are good for us. We lost track of our why.

Losing Sight of Our Why

Having a why helps with debt payoff too. Paying off a large debt draaags. Seeing we have $276,000 left to go is a drag. My husband and I have lost our momentum, and we’ve been losing sight of our why. With 2020 being such a dumpster fire, we’ve put less energy into our debt and more towards survival. I maaaay have recently yelled in a moment of frustration, “IF THE WORLD IS JUST GOING TO END, WHY ARE WE WORRYING SO MUCH ABOUT THESE STUPID STUDENT LOANS???”

I get surges and make extra payments, but then I’m disappointed when they make such little difference. The small milestones help, but I still get tired of the slog. My husband is more concerned with retirement, and we don’t have our why in the forefront.

So it’s time for a reminder:

Why do we want to pay off our debt?

  • To repay what we foolishly borrowed and to keep our word
  • To take more control of our paycheck
  • To give us the freedom to give more
  • To lose the feeling of having two mortgages
  • To spend money on fun things without feeling guilty
  • To eat out more often
  • To give us financial security
  • To give us more freedom during our retirement
  • To have a stronger marriage and family
  • To model better money habits for our kids

So it comes down to freedom, security, and—as Dave Ramsey says—changing our family tree. And if the world is going to end, I guess those aren’t bad things to shoot for in the meantime, right?

Life feels heavy right now. I’m sorry to see storms in Hope’s area and a furlough for Beks. Plus this has been an especially long week for America. Right now I want to give up a little and make minimum payments and push snooze in the mornings. But I need to hang up a list of all these reasons and not forget my why. Because when I look at the list, I remember it really is worth it.

What is your “why”?

A Reminder of Our Why

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