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2021 – Financial Goal #2


As of today, just now, in fact….The smaller of my two student loans is paid off! It won’t feel real until the payment comes out of my bank and the balance on my student loan interface is updated. But I have officially pressed the button to pay it off.

Time to Save Some Money

Time to start on my next financial goal for 2021. If you revisit my original post, my second goal was to max out my ROTH IRA and several readers suggested that I had until April, 2021 to max out the $6,000 max limit for 2020.

This is my next goal!

I believe I can do this within the next month – 2 pay periods.

And while I had planned to stick to one goal at a time, I am going to simultaneously start on my next goal…paying off my car! Any extra income not required for my monthly budget and to max out my ROTH IRA this next month will go towards my car.

And once maxing out my 2020 ROTH is complete…I will be attacking my car loan with everything I’ve got!

Paying off my car is going to be the highlight of my year! But even better, it is only Goal #3 for the year.

Payroll Deductions

I can’t remember if I’ve written about it, but I elected several additional payroll deductions in addition to my health care and HSA. I doubled my life insurance and elected to put 10% of my income into the company 401K.

During onboarding meetings, I learned that the company contribution (profit share) to the 401K is typically 3% of your salary and that is done once a year. I am not eligible for that until I’ve been with the company for 6 months. So I’m not sure if I will get it this year.


What Are You Dropping Today?


Has it been two weeks?!?!  I had planned to take a week off for the holiday and suddenly looked up and TWO weeks had passed.  Geez!  Sorry! To be fair, work has been off the rails and well, obviously there is quite a bit of things distracting me in the political world.  I don’t care what side you are on, our hearts are hurting.

We are making our way back home from Texas which usually means days on the road and crazier (I didn’t know that was possible) schedules.  I have a lot of experience of times like these thanks to the last several months so I’m keenly aware of the first things I let slip – Finances and Fitness.

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When things are crazy, it’s very easy to tell myself that I can’t possibly spare 30-60 minutes to go running.  It’s cold outside.  I have things to do.  I had a 305 day streak of a 30 minute or more workout.  I dropped that streak in December.  I ate whatever I wanted over the holidays.  Ugh.  My favorite running stopped fitting.  I felt crummy.  Last week, I laced up my shoes and started running again.  After 3-4 miles, I come back and do runners yoga.  I feel so good starting work after I calm my mind.  I forgot how much I need this mentally and physically.  It feels good to be back.


I haven’t gone on another spending spree but I haven’t been logging my budget which is nearly as bad.  How much is left in the grocery category? Beats me!  Buy those expensive avocados!  Manually logging each purchase takes a ton of time and I don’t have it.  I caved and connected my bank account transactions to my budget app.  I hate giving ANYTHING access to my banking information.  I recognize that allowing access increases the likelihood of fraud on my account which could result in a loss of money.  I also recognize that not budgeting at all will 100% of the time result in a loss of money.  I can’t afford not to budget.  WOW, automating my budgeting has been a gamechanger!  I’ll likely remove access and change passwords later but for now, this has been wonderful.

Here are some budgeting apps you can use.

PlatformsFees and MinimumBest for
Personal CapitalFreeMonitoring wealth and spending
SimplifiFreeManage money everywhere
YNAB$84 a year or $11.99 a month (after a 34-day free trial), free for students for 12 months.Personal budget tracking

Things are crazy for everyone.  Recognize what you drop first.  Address those things.