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Frugal Tips, Time Management – This Housecleaning e-Book has it All


Right now in my life I have so much work and projects going on that I don’t have much time to clean. Luckily, my husband has been helping, our our house could be considered a disaster area.

It’s not that I like my house a mess, I just I have so many other things to do with my time and most of them produce needed income. My lack of time was the appeal when I was contacted to review the e-book, “The Happy Slob’s Guide to Housecleaning.”

The author, Christina Spence, is very candid and very funny with how she presents the task of housecleaning. The tone is just great, and while the e-book discussed housecleaning, it almost made me get up from my chair, forget about the work, and clean!

Christina developed a 3-Step Solution that she describes in detail in her book and it really works. It takes the sometimes daunting task of housecleaning and breaks it down into simpler tasks. How ingenious! And with the tone of the book, “a lived in look is fine, since you do live in your home, right? I thought so,” this author isn’t cracking a whip telling you that your house has to be spotless. She understands that life happens and if you can’t get to something today, you can get to it another day.

An extra bonus with the book that I was not expecting was the information on how to make your own cleaners. For the frugal-minded like myself, it was a treat! Now I know how to make my own disenfectant, window cleaner and more.

If you are looking for a way to simplify your housecleaning routine, make your own cleaners or just looking for a laugh I would definitely check out this eBook. It’s a book that was a joy to read and I learned a lot of great things. Maybe it could help some of you out there too. Just so everyone knows, this is a straight book review and I am in no way affiliated with the author.

You can find out more about this book and being a “Happy Slob” at http://www.happyslob.com. Christina also has a “Happy Slob” blog at http://happyslob.blogspot.com

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Ouch – A Forgotten Loan Appears


Back when we purchased our home, we took a loan from my in-laws. I completely forgot about it, and my mother-in-law recently mentioned the loan after 2 and a half years.

If she just mentioned it now out of the blue, so it must mean that they need it. It is a chunk of change ($1,775). I did have the money set to go to the credit cards, but I think I’d rather just pay the loan in full. Sure, it’s interest-free but it’s family.

Ouch, another big bump in the road and just a few days after announcing the goal date. I think I will leave the goal date intact for the time being because time is limited to run all the scenarios again.

And really, I already set it – let’s see what can happen. The worst that could happen is we don’t make it, but I bet a heck of a lot of progress will be made trying to make it – more so than if no goal was set πŸ™‚

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Eight Ideas to Make a Few Extra Bucks


A great way to help reduce your debt faster is to find extra income. Here are some ideas for making a few extra bucks (remember – every little bit counts!):

1.) Are you good with word processing and spreadsheets? Ask around local businesses and see if they could use some temporary help on an outsourced basis. Do a great job with one business and word can spread like wildfire.

2.) Are you artistic? Ask area businesses if they would like their storefront windows painted for the holidays.

3.) Are you a budding shutterbug? Ask area realtors if they need photos taken of houses for sale. It could be as easy as taking 3-4 shots per house and you could earn around $9.00/photo (depending on area).

4.) Are you good in the kitchen? Why not ask area restaurants to try some of your goodies and see if they would be willing to purchase some from you?

5.) Are you a pet lover? Offer pet-sitting services if you have the room and someone home during the day.

6.) Are you crafty? Make up some of your crafty items and sell them at area craft shows or flea markets.

7.) Are you organized? Offer organizational services to businesses and residences, which may include doing the organization yourself or merely consulting.

8.) Are you a neat & tidy? Offer cleaning services to businesses and residential areas. A great market to get into is to clean newly constructed homes.

9.) If you aren’t sure what your skills may be, you can try to find options for earning extra money on JobTonic or other similar websites.

There are many other ideas out there, just remember to think outside of the box and to keep your eyes open. When it comes to reducing your debt, even an extra $20/week turns into an extra $1040 a year πŸ™‚

I am Blushing!!


In this huge world of the internet, I see that I have visitors to my blog and it is so great to have others reading my words. The comments have sometimes brought me to tears, cause, well…someone out there understands or someone else is finding my words useful. It is so flattering, and what can I say? Besides a heart-felt thank you.

Then I realize that others are linking to me within their blog. Maybe I am being over debt-emotional, but I can’t help it. In this world of hustle and bustle – someone took the time to read my blog and took the time to discuss my blog within their blog.

So who has been making my ears itch?

There’s the AOL Money and Finance Editor’s Blog, where my blog is listed in the article “Time to Act on ‘Save vs. Debt'”. I’m featured with other great personal finance bloggers and I am honored.

Then I discovered that Dawn from Frugal for Life expressed that she enjoyed my article on Keeping Motivated to Become Debt-Free. That meant so much to me that I went and submitted my post to Ezine Articles and it was just accepted to be published πŸ™‚

My post on Keeping Motivated also struck a chord with a fellow personal finance blogger at Debt $ense. Check it out for some more tips on how to keep motivated.

To everyone, all I can say is thank you, and I’ll try not to get mushy on everyone too often. It’s just the more I blog – the more I see my goal as becoming a reality. And that’s pretty darn cool πŸ™‚