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Eating thru the Pantry


I loved Elizabeth’s post last week on cutting her spending and eating through her pantry. As much as I enjoy time in my kitchen, I am definitely not at her level…making her own pizza dough. Wow, I am thoroughly impressed and have decided I want to be like her when I grow up…or maybe when my kids leave the nest and I can cook what I want and not consider any of my picky eaters.

The kids and I are also eating through the pantry this month. While I did have to buy a few staples – milk, sandwich meat and some fruit, we are working hard to eat what we have. I chose to do this for two reasons:

  1. We are leaving town for a week next Sunday so I would prefer not to leave the refrigerator/freezer stocked.
  2. Saves us some money toward 1) our travel and 2) restocking the cupboards, etc. when we return.

We’ve tried some vegan recipes and a few other new recipes I found on the internet. I’ve been looking for new things to try based on the ingredients I have on hand. The ones we like get pinned to the fridge and the others go in the trash.

For December, I’m planning to do a month long meal plan instead of the weekly ones I’ve been doing. By doing this, it will make more sense to do a Sam’s Club run to buy some things in bulk. And probably stock our freezer again.

It will also be a good test of a new grocery budget…


So, what do you think ?