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Maybe I Have the Makings of a Millionaire After All


I’m still plugging away at reading “The Millionaire Next Door” and I’m around page 90 now. My progress has been slower than I’d like – but the slower pace is leaving lots of time to reflect on what I just read.

Even though I have realized things that I need to work on with myself (like a possible tendency to overspend and I need to learn to dream bigger), I have realized that I share some traits with millionaires:

1.) I spend great care keeping track of my finances. Most millionaires interviewed for the book can tell you what they spent on certain expenses at a certain time. I can do that too, thanks to being real picky with Quicken and keeping track of everything (including cash). I am a big believer in keeping track of where your money goes.

2.) When it comes to vehicles, most of the millionaires in the book lean towards practical purchases versus “glitsy” ones. An example given is how can you go fishing with a Rolls Royce and throw a fish in the back seat? My thoughts exactly! Just give me a ‘ole pick-up truck that runs and I am happy πŸ™‚

The more and more I read this book, the more I wish I had an opportunity to chit-chat with some of the millionaires they talked to. I think they are the type of people I wouldn’t mind going fishing with. Before I read this book – I didn’t have that viewpoint. The stereotype of a millionaire I had in my mind is being broken down.

Caught Red-Handed with an Overspender Mentality


I never really thought of myself as an “overspender.” But, I have caught myself writing something on this blog that screams “overspender-warning.”

Sure, it was just buying something minor (matching dishes and silverware) but they way I reasoned the purchase can be a little dangerous. In my words, I said I purchased them as a “mood-booster.”

Thinking back through the years, I have bought other things as “mood-boosters” when I was feeling down or depressed. Do I feel that material possessions create happiness? If someone had asked me that question last week, I would have told you that happiness is not created by material possessions. But now I realize that my thoughts and my past actions do not equal one another.

Now that this has been brought to light, how do I go about re-mapping my way of thinking? That’s a tough question that I do not have the answer to at the moment, but it is an answer that I will be searching for. When I find it, I will be sure to share with everyone.

Wow, another eye-opener in the past few days. My response, let’s keep ’em coming! πŸ˜‰