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Credit Cards are Good For You, What is Wealth to You and 7 Secrets About Credit Cards


Patrick wrote up a nice list of how credit cards can be good for you. Don’t take this as me telling you that you should use credit cards. It’s a personal decision and I wouldn’t go there. I think each of us has to figure that out once we take a look at the for and against sides of the story. Patrick gave a compelling argument for using them. For views against using credit cards, read No Credit Needed’s blog.

Reggie asks, “What is Wealth to You?” Pretty interesting how he compares values between his culture and his girlfriend’s.

Jim spills the beans and shares with everyone 7 unwritten, often forgotten credit card secrets.

I hope you enjoy these articles and have a great weekend. Me? I think I’m going to be in bed for a very large part of it. I’m still pretty sick πŸ™


  • Reply Patrick |

    Hi Tricia,

    I read NCN’s article, and personally, I fall into the category of one “of the few who pay off their card every month.” That is important to note, and is the driving point behind my article. Credit cards have many benefits if used to your advantage.

    But, I also agree with NCN and others: credit cards should not be used if you are already in debt, or do not believe you can pay them off in full every month. Then they can be BAD!

    Thanks for the mention, and I hope you feel better soon. πŸ™‚

  • Reply Matt |

    Hi Tricia,

    I hope you feel better!

    I’ve been debating using credit cards more lately in an effort to take advantage of rewards points. The trick will be to keep paying the cards down at the same time.

  • Reply William Brooks |

    I liked the post about how credit cards are good. I left a reply on that post but I thought I would say here that I have used credit cards for good!

    Besides the fact that they are one of the only ways for young people to start a credit history, they have saved my skin when it comes to investing. Playing the credit card game and balancing transfers to 0% cards is getting harder to do but I am still getting offers and this really allows me to invest more of my money.

    I think they have great potential to be good but you really need to educate yourself on using them.

    Great Blog!

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