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Two trips to Texas next month


Thank goodness I plan and prepare in advance. This coming month I will be taking two trips to Texas. This has been the plan for months before the financial crunch.

Quick Turn Trip to Houston

The first is a quick turn trip. Princess has 24 hours to go from her New York internship to her Houston internship. She will land one Saturday night in Atlanta; I will pick her up and then we will jump in her car and ride to Houston.

I was hesitant to let her take that drive herself. It’s over 13 hours of drive time and she’s never driven more than a couple of hours alone. Not to mention the quick turn will put a lot of pressure on that drive. She and I are going to team drive it. She’ll get there a bit more refreshed and ready to start on Monday.

I was able to book a one-way flight with points, paid just $5.60. As long as I don’t have bags, it will be the cheapest trip I’ve ever taken. She is being reimbursed for her travel expenses so I won’t have to worry about gas, food, or anything else. We got her car serviced last week before she left for New York City so everything is all set.

Her return trip doesn’t have the time crunch pressure, and she feels like she will be comfortable making the drive back alone.

Permanent Move to Austin

Two weeks after I return from getting Princess to her internship, Gymnast and I will load up our cars with all his belongings for his move to Austin. This will be a roundtrip road-trip for me. And I will have to cover the gas and food for the trip. I have already taken the week off work, but will still receive my salary. (Grateful for that!)

We are planning to car camp on the trip there. And I will most likely do the same on the trip back.

Gymnast and I sat down recently to plan out final things that need to be done here before this move. And he let me know that I could probably stay home and not go. I could bring a load when he gets ready to move into his own place.

And I so appreciated that, because the financial pressure is immense these days. But with my mom still alive and my dad’s recent battle with cancer, I’m going to make the trip. I will deal with the financial consequences. I thought I was saying good bye to my mom when I went down last fall. To have another chance to see her…priceless.

Gymnast and Princess

Gymnast and Princess on their last weekend together before they take on the world as adults!

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    • Reply Hope |

      YES! Caught it up with this week’s pay. No additional payments due until mid-August on the insurance front. It’s tricky but so far, making it work, and nothing is hitting the 30 day mark thusfar as far as being late.

      And of course, continuing to search for work daily!

  • Reply Walnut |

    Good luck, Hope! Hopefully you can sell some extras around your house to add a bit more cushion.

    • Reply Hope |

      Definitely, working towards that. Facebook Marketplace has been working thusfar.

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