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Looking back one year


As I was sitting around Friday night awaiting Princess arrival for the weekend. I thought it might be interesting to look back to this time last year. You have to admit the last year and a half have been one for the history books…for everyone!

Last August, I was…

  1. Focused on paying off Student Loan #1 – I did it too. Last year, the first of my student loans was closed out. And here I am just picking back up in paying the minimum on student loan #2.
  2. Dreaming of my Post Kids Time – Boy, that dream has changed. No more RV’ing or upcycling a bus type dreams here. Now I own my home and am creating the perfect place to live out my olden days. No regrets in how this dream has changed.
  3. Planning for the Fall – the state fair was cancelled last year – thanks COVID. So our fall was pretty boring. But I am hoping the girls and I can go this year. Gymnast will be going to Texas for his fall break. (My dad purchased his airline ticket.)

This year looks very different.

From 5 at home to 1

I knew my post kids time was coming. Although Gymnast is still home, I don’t really see him much. Between work, school and friends…I am home alone ALOT. I am keeping myself busy with home projects and training my new puppy.

Food continues to be a challenge for me. I love my kitchen, but cooking for one is not fun. And I really don’t like left overs. (I ate the same meal 3 times this week.) There are lots of nights when I settle for a sandwich or just raw veggies and dip.

This months money is planned and spent. So I’m coasting through this month, sticking to the plan and working on next month.


  • Reply Sandra |

    You should join the Cooking for one Facebook group, she has a website also with tons of recipes just right for one person.

    • Reply Hope |

      I will definitely check it out.
      I’m actually getting to cook for 3 today. I was so excited that I pulled out three options (meat) from the freezer so I can cater to the kids’ wants tonight. That is not something I ever did when it was an everyday task.

So, what do you think ?