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September Growth and Financial Goals


I heard someone describe September 1 as a Second New Year’s, and I totally feel that. The move from summer chaos to autumn structure always resets me, but this year it especially feels true. I mean, we haven’t had a good bedtime in months and my hair has been in a messy bun since March. So I have the itch to set some goals, including financial goals.

Here are my September goals:

1. 15 No-Spend Days
2. Put $750 extra towards our debt
3. Work out 3 mornings a week
4. Leave mornings open for school
5. Play the #MinsGame

Setting September Financial Goals

1. 15 No-Spend Days

I love the idea of No Spend September (go get ‘er, Hope!), but we are still buying things to get this house settled and we have yet to do back-to-school shopping. But I don’t want to go crazy on a buying spree, so I want to have at least 15 days this month where we buy nada.

2. Put $750 extra towards our debt

I try to find $500 extra every month, but in September I should be able to do more. I have a freelance job that I have been terrible about sending in my hours for. They keep asking for my invoice, so I’m going to do that this month. They pay the most of all my jobs, so I plan to put all of it towards our debt.

We did reserve some money from the sale of our home for our debt, but we’re sitting on it a bit to make sure we don’t need it for expenses if the pandemic shuts our business down again.

I mentioned back in January (when I was young, innocent, and naive), one of our financial goals for 2020 was to pay off $30,000 of our debt principal.  Now I’m going to shoot for $20,000 instead. So far in 2020 we’ve paid off $11,802.96.

3. Work out 3 mornings a week

Guys, I feel terrible. The stress of this summer has done a number on my mind and body. Working out in the morning helps my mental health so much. Plus I’m a nicer mother/human being.

4. Leave mornings open for school

Our three kids start distance learning in a week (may the odds be ever in our favor). They’ll be in fifth, third, and Kindergarten. I often multi-task all morning doing freelance work, but I’m going to need to be available to the kids at least 9 am to noon.

I ramped up my freelance work last year when our little guy started preschool, thinking, “Heck, he’ll be in all-day Kindergarten next yearI’m going to have tons of time on my hands!” Sigh… But school is going to take a lot out of us and I want to be ready. So some of my evening Netflix time will need to be devoted to work instead.

5. Play the #MinsGame

I follow a minimalist account on Instagram that is encouraging people to get rid of 1 thing on September 1, 2 things on September 2, etc. Despite being pretty minimalist the last few years and having just moved, I still find myself unpacking and reorganizing things we just don’t want or need. (GOOD THING WE MOVED STUFF WE DON’T NEED.) Plus, focusing on minimalism always helps me buy less.


So here we go. Here’s to personal goals, financial goals, growth, and survival!


  • Reply Emily |

    Those all sound like some good goals! It’s really nice to see a chatty post from you, Sara!

  • Reply Hope |

    I have never heard of the #MinsGame I think I might try that too. While we have been pretty minimalist for years, with 6 of us in this tiny home, it does not feel that way. Going to check it out, thanks for sharing!

  • Reply Lindsey |

    Hi Sara! I have several points… 🙂
    1. I homeschool a third grader, kindergartener (he decided he wanted to skip pre-k), and one we say is in “Pre-Pre-Pre-K” 🙂 I’ve always homeschooled and it can be time consuming. I feel for those who have jumped in with both feet this year! You can do this!
    2. We finished building our debt-free dream home (“Big House in the Woods”) and moved in a couple years ago. We’re STILL unpacking things we moved that we should have gotten rid of. eh…
    3. I’ll be playing the minimalist game now too!

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