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Are you a AirBNB fan?


I have had every intention of writing this post for a while now. But between car wrecks and medical emergencies and just life…well, I forgot about it.

At the beginning of March, I had to travel for work and after reviewing the hotel prices in the unknown city I was traveling too, I decided to take a baby step in the AirBNB world. And holy cow, it was AMAZING!!!

Every room was themed to the hilt. And I mean to the hilt! My first night here, I sat in the living room to work and the host brought me a snack of fruit with whipped cream. Yum and totally unexpected!

They have a pool (not open when I was there,) a infrared sauna, 8,000 movies and an entertainment room. It was amazing. The perfect place for a stay-cation, alas I was there to work and didn’t really have any downtime.

There were several shelves full of books available to borrow. And the owners, while retired now, were Chinese medicine practitioners. They offer massage, cupping and other health and wellness services to AirBNB guests for an additional fee.

I stayed in a beach themed room. In addition to this adorable set up, there was a refrigerator and an assortment of snacks.

View 1 of my room…and it had a noise maker that sounded like the waves. So relaxing and just what I needed!

Comfy and cozy, I wished I had some down time and hope to return sometime to really take advantage of all this wonderful host home has to offer.

The best part…it was only $35 per night!!! You cannot beat that when you have to travel.

If you are ever heading to Dothan, AL or the surrounding area. (I was teaching classes in Florida.) I highly recommend visiting this AirBNB, it is truly magical and the hosts are amazing.

Are you an AirBNB fan? I would love to hear about your favorite stays. Share links to your favorite AirBNBs below. Maybe a fellow traveler is looking in that area for a good deal and unique experience.


  • Reply Alice |

    That sounds like a great experience! I have a friend who offers a room in her house through that service – it’s a nice extra income for her.

    I do have to say one thing though, a stay-cation is where you STAY at home. You wouldn’t be able to use this AirBNB as a stay-cation since you don’t live there.

    You mentioned going to a hotel with your daughter and said it was a stay-cation. If you vacate the premises, you’re vacationing, not stay-cationing.

  • Reply Christopher |

    When I travelled in Europe last year, I stayed in 19 different AirBnBs, most were private rooms in homes. The average was $15 a night and the only negative experience was the most expensive and in London. It was a great way to meet new people, stay in great areas and save a lot of money!

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