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Staycation Ideas


It has been a crazy month already. And I haven’t had a minute to sit down and look at my finances!

The good news is that the monies accumulated last month during #nospendjanuary are still just sitting there. As are most of February earnings.

I’ve decided to wait until the end of this month to make any big decisions. It’s been an emotional week with Sea Cadet’s health crisis, and Princess is out of school this coming week.

So, I need some free Staycation Ideas! She’s going to make some plans with friends, but I’d like to spice up the week with some unique fun ideas.

Any seasoned Staycationers here? Would like some ideas that will break up our normal routine in some fun but super cheap, even free ways!

I’ve been looking at ideas online and found it funny that some many business sites have articles on it:

I like the idea of a DIY project and getting outside a bit. Unfortunately, it’s supposed to rain all week.

We are doing great on not eating out. And in general, have not spent a great deal outside of monthly expenses. And I’m determined not to blow it this upcoming week.

What about you? Did Valentine’s blow your budget?



  • Reply Hannah |

    Honestly she’s a teenager. Let her do things with friends and use her money if she wants to go out. You and your son are about to have a huge bill, it would be crazy waste money on entertainment right now. Also, most teens enjoy taking breaks to relax and just have some space. You don’t need to make everything exciting.

    • Reply Laura |

      I agree. A week with nothing to do and no plans might be a relaxing and welcome break for her. And yeah, teenagers like to hang out with their friends 🙂

    • Reply Deb |

      I have to agree. Your daughter is a teenager and capable of making her own plans with friends. Let her decide what she wants to do and if she needs to pay for her entertainment with friends she can with some earned money of her own.

  • Reply amy |

    I actually think it might be a good idea to skip it! You seem to constantly be planning activities for your kids. while that is admirable, knowing how to be bored and how to fix it is actually a valuable skill! Give the kid a chance to do just that!

    • Reply Hope |

      Funny you should say this…it’s what I did today. This is a regular part of my routine, so nothing really new.
      And she bakes constantly – between deviled eggs and brownies, she is in the kitchen alot with requests from schoolmates and family.

  • Reply jj |

    Does your city have a downtown that can be explored? When I was in my teens, I loved going downtown with friends to walk the mall. Don’t need to shop. Or maybe there is an artistic area, or a Koreatown or Chinatown??? Fun to explore, and can be fairly inexpensive.

So, what do you think ?