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Coffee Date


I saw this posting-style over at Gina’s blog (it’s a fitness/healthy living blog and its great! She posts lots of free workouts, youtube videos, etc.). Anyway, I loved the idea of a virtual coffee date (or wine date) and wanted to do one! We’re at that level where we can have a coffee date, right? I think so! Let’s get started!

If we were having coffee right now…..

  • I’d tell you about all the fun things I’ve got going on in the coming weeks! A dear friend had her baby shower this past weekend, a new friend has invited us to her son’s first birthday party this weekend, and my Mom and sister (and their husbands) are coming to visit for a long weekend the first weekend of October! I cannot wait!!!!! In the entire time we’ve lived away from Austin (first moved away in 2007!!), this is the longest we’ve ever gone without seeing my family! In the past we have always gone back once during summer and once during winter and we didn’t go back this summer (we went to visit my Dad in Utah instead) and aren’t planning to go back for Christmas like we usually do, so I have been Missing them with a capital M!!!
  • I’d let you in on a little secret I’ve been keeping… I registered for my first post-baby half marathon and am freaking out about it! The registration was only $30 (I got the early-bird discount months ago), which is one of the cheapest prices for a half-marathon I’ve ever seen! Since I dumped the gym, I’ve been training (for free, thankyouverymuch) but am so painfully slow! I’m worried whether I’ll finish by the time cut-off (It’s the Tucson Get Moving half-marathon, so its geared toward a non-elite crowd, but I know many races have actual cut-offs and I’m so scared I won’t finish in time!)
  • I’d tell you about how well debt reduction is going. It’s been 6 months and has actually been easier than I thought. I credit it all to having a written budget. Of course, I’d say that in one breath and in the very next I’d tell you about the very real house fever I’ve got going on.
  • I’d tell you about the girls – they’re getting so big! I am in love with their preschool and even though it costs a small fortune, I think its one of the best investments we’ve ever made (investing in our children!!!) I’m so glad we decided to go this route (even though it was a very tough decision).
  • I’d also talk about my job(s). My teaching job is going well, but is a LOT of work this semester! I’m teaching two writing intensive courses that require a lot of feedback and I feel like I have so many students!!! Usually there are lots of “drops” with writing intensive courses but for some reason this semester everyone seems to be sticking around. I love to teach so I’m glad that something is resonating with the students enough for them to stick with the challenging courses, but it means a LOT of grading for me! My research job is also going well. I’ve mentioned before, but I’ve gotten into such a terrible habit of putting it all off until Sundays and then I’m working frantically all night trying to make my Monday morning deadlines. I always finish on time, but I might be up until midnight or later. I have GOT to get things under control so I don’t keep doing this! I’ve come to dread Sunday nights instead of looking forward to them as a time to recharge for the coming week. Need to change this!

Of course, if we were having coffee I’d want to know about you and how you’re doing, too! How’s the job? Where are you in the debt repayment process? Do you have any major obstacles in the way? What are your plans for the coming holiday season (I realize its only September, but the holidays will be here before we know it)?

If I know me, it’s been awhile since our last coffee date. We should do this again soon sometime!!!



  • Reply Sue |

    Very cute – love the virtual coffee idea 🙂 Debt reduction here has been very slow – seems like we take 1 step ahead and then 2 steps back but at least we are keeping our heads above water and trying hard. Eating out seems to be our biggest “budget buster” so we really, REALLY, need to work on that…..at least I can afford “virtual” coffee 🙂

    My “babies” are 20 and 29 now so we are at quite a different stage in life than you are – enjoy every moment – it goes by so fast!!!!

    • Reply Ashley |

      I definitively empathize with the eating out budget buster! I’ve made progress in some regard – we’re much more likely now to pick up sub sandwiches or pizza (about $10-$15 for a meal) instead of going to restaurants (about $40-$50 for a meal), but we still eat out with more frequency than we should!

  • Reply Walnut |

    I put in an offer on an extremely beautiful and extremely expensive house. The offer was 30k below asking price, but was truly the number we were comfortable with based on the work that would need to be done and considering the overall volatility of home prices in the neighborhood. In the end, another offer came in on the property and we held out resolve not to increase our bid. I’m proud of us for letting the house walk away instead of emotionally increasing our bid.

    Back to the casual looking and we’ll continue to focus on putting away cash for a downpayment. The house buying process is SUCH an emotional roller coaster.

    • Reply Ashley |

      I’ve always heard this! My mom is a real estate broker, so although we’ve never owned, I’ve heard plenty of horror stories of midnight-hour financing falling through, deal-breaking inspections, etc etc etc. Sounds stressful!

      • Reply Walnut |

        I wouldn’t mind if the people with the higher offer end up with financing that falls apart. It was truly a stunning home and it was one we would live in for a LONG time.

        • Reply Ashley |

          It’s always possible! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! If not, though, I’m sure you’ll end up finding something you love just as much! Good luck!

  • Reply Kim |

    My husband and I just bought our first home a couple weeks ago. We have been spending nights and weekends changing fixtures and slowly moving in. The house buying process was so nerve wracking!

    I’m also 8 months pregnant with my first baby. My replacement and my assistant at work both quit this week over an incident with the boss leaving no one to do my job when I go on maternity leave. Life has been so overwhelming lately but so have the blessings.

    • Reply Ashley |

      Oh no!!! What a terribly stressful situation! I hope everything works out okay with your job/replacement/assistant/boss!!!

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